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Dave Ulrich - Build the greatest talent

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There are nine practices, that will help you as a leader build that talent. Under confidence; A.) We bring the right people in. Number one, are we acquiring the right people? Do we hire people that have the skills for the future? As well as the culture. B.) Are we managing people through their careers? Number two, are we managing their performance and their accountability? Are we giving them performance and accountability? Number three, are we developing them and investing in them? Number four, are we helping them manage their career? And their opportunity? Number five, are we communicating well? Number six, are we managing the flow of talent? Removing people who don't fit. In fact somebody once asked me, "What's the most strategic human resource decision a leader will ever make?" I'm going to give it to you. Place your lowest performing employee, in your competitor. And tell that employee to keep doing exactly what he/she has done. With your competitor. By the way it's a joke. If you could do that, you'd win every competitor battle. Number seven, are we retaining the best we got? But then D. And number eight. Are we tracking and improving employee engagement? Are we helping our employees, not just have the skills. But show up at work. To track their emotional and physical response. And number nine, contribution. Are we helping our employees have a sense of belief? And become and belong, and connect to the organization. We found in our work, that belief becomes why we work. And when we can create that sense of belief, it begins to be a passion. And my job as a leader is to help employees find that belief.

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Dave Ulrich - Build the greatest talent

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