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How to read a book

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Now you know. Ahh..

If you, you follow me in this distinction between

reading for amusement or entertainment, relaxation

and reading just for information, on the one hand,

and reading for understanding, for deepening your mind,

acquiring insight, lifting your mind up

from a lower level to a higher level,

then I think it's terribly important for each of us

for everyone, to find a number of books that are over their heads,

because if a person reads only books

that are on the level of his head, he can't lift his head up.

Because the books that are over one's head,

the books which one only partially understands at first,

and he must work at to understand more,

that can possibly elevate you... to above,

with things at your level, and above your level.

You can't chin yourself on a bar that's below your, below your...

Yeah, but most people say, "That's over my head",

as if that immediately dismisses it.

On the contrary, what's over your head, you should go after.

Right. If you pick up a book and it's, you find it's too tough for you,

you shouldn't throw it aside.

I mean, that's, that's what you're looking for. You should be happy

when you find a book that's too hard for you

because that's a book you can grow with,

that's a book you can lift yourself up with.

And the art of reading consists of knowing how to do just that.

Right. The art of reading, I'd like to say, consists in having the skills required

for lifting your mind up, with a book, with nothing but a book in your hand,

from understanding less to understanding more.

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Posted by: mcjsa on Dec 4, 2009

Portion of an interview with Mortimer Adler.

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