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>> We've already seen how to create beautiful dashboards and reports in Power BI that have the metrics that matter to you. But the power of those metrics are really unlocked whenever you can share those with others. And they can take advantage of the dashboards you've created. So that's really easy to do in Power BI. Whenever you're on a dashboard that you want to share with others, you can click the Share button in the top right of the dashboard. And this will open up a pane that lets you share those dashboards with others, and also see who has access. So currently, when I click on the Access tab, I can see that I have access because I'm the owner, but also Will has access to view the dashboard as well. So back on the Share tab, this is where I grant access to new people. So here, I can enter in the email address of my colleague, Kim, who I want to share this with. And as I type, we'll have a people picker that suggests people within your company that you want to share with. You can also type in security groups here as well. So I'm gonna select Kim and then I can choose to add an optional message if I want to include with the email such as "Check out the dashboard I created." And once you've filled out the people you want to grant access to and typed in a message, you can then decide on these last two options. One is that you can choose if you want the people who you shared your dashboard to that they have the ability to re-share it out. So if I leave this checked, Kim can share this out, my dashboard out with anyone else and within our company that she wants. Of course, if she does that, I'll see those new people show up under the Access tab and be able to remove them if I don't want them to have it anymore. And the last option is the option to send an email notification to recipients. So if I uncheck this box, she wouldn't get a email letting her know that she has access to it. But I can share the URL for the dashboard and you'll also see that under the Access tab as well. And I can just IM it to her or give it to her in some other way and when she clicks on that, she'll be able to see that she does indeed have access. One last thing you can do on top of sharing to people within your company and security groups is you can also share with people outside of your organization as well. So for this dashboard, I want to share to [email protected] Since this email is outside of my organization, it lets me know that one or more email addresses are indeed outside my organization and lets me know which organizations those are. Now that I am all ready and I'm good with my setting options, I can hit Share. And once the dashboard is done sharing, it gives me a little success notification. And now if I went back into the Share pane, I'll be able to see that there is an invite out for Kim to see my dashboard. And with that, we easily shared my dashboard with other colleagues so they can take advantage of all the hard work I have done in creating my wonderful Power BI dashboards.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 25 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: csintl on May 25, 2016

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