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Dobré ráno z Moravy a Slezska: Esperanto

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It is said, you are as much of a person as the number of languages you know. Maybe that's true. Many people start learning many different languages as children. But now we'll talk about a unique language which two million people speak. For example, actor Karel Höger, author František Kožík and Cardinal Vlk all speak Esperanto. So, that's what it's all about and here's Alena Šedivá with details. It belongs to no nation, because it began as a constructed language. Somewhat of a special language, it strives to be a language of fairness. Its creator, Polish doctor Ludoviko Zamenhof, hoped it would become a language for all. That's why he called it Esperanto. That means "one who hopes". He hoped that the language would help to make communication easier. Research shows that of the word roots, around 90% are recognizable from knowledge of a romance language. Also around 80% through knowledge of a Germanic language. And even we Slavs understand around 50% of the vocabulary. It has no exceptions nor irregular verbs. It has a logical structure and looks the same written as well as spoken. It has not, however, won against English, German or French. We don't have political support, most people don't know about Esperanto. Bad information and myths abound about the language. For me, the main reason to learn Esperanto is to travel and meet new people. This language does not have the usual annoying obstacles. So, if I start, I'll see that it works. And that it's the way I think. No one will say: That's good, but that's not how we say it. One learns for a month, or two, and can already speak it. Imagine if English were that easy and fast to learn, then everyone would speak English. World wide, two million people have mastered Esperanto. Among them, famous people, past and present. Actor Karel Höger, author František Kožík. Cardinal Vlk also knows Esperanto. Although I use English everyday, understand it very well, and can also write it decently... I always feel at a disadvantage, if I need to speak English with a native speaker. They have websites, chatrooms, magazines and their own books. Hašek might be amazed how his Švejk eloquently uses Esperanto: So ...they have killed our Ferdinand. So ...they have killed our Ferdinand. Esperanto is easy. For Good Morning, Alena Šedivá, Czech Television, Brno.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 30 seconds
Year: 2008
Country: Czech Republic
Language: Czech
Producer: Česká televize
Director: Alena šedivá
Views: 3,628
Posted by: blahma on Feb 19, 2008

Česká televize: "Esperanto". In "Dobré ráno z Moravy a Slezska". ČT2, 2008-02-19 09:41:21/09:43:51 (GMT+01).

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