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What the Finns need to know about Portugal

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What the FINNS need to know About PORTUGAL the blue cross on white background Was the portuguese flag. 800 years before being the Finish flag. We are one of the oldest nations in Europe. And before Portugal became Portugal The Phoenicians passed by. And the Greeks, and the Romans, and the Vandals, and the Swabians, and the Visigoths, and the Arabs. Portuguese is spoken in five continents there are two times more Portuguese speakers in Oceania that there is population in Luxembourg and 20% of the population of Luxembourg is Portuguese Rome has more Portuguese churches than some of our cities The second city with more Portuguese natives is Paris. The last time Benfica played in Paris, against a Parisian team, there were more Portuguese fans than French. We invented the maritime compass We invented the breech cannon We invented the prefabrication of buildings in stone We invented the Latin sail We invented the salted cod The pastel de nata custard tart We invented the prepaid card for mobile phones We invented the green lane toll payment system for motorways And whe are one of the countries with the fewest patents in the world We have more mobile phones than inhabitants 60% are Nokia There are more Portuguese natives outside Portugal than in Portugal itself We introduced firearms in Japan. ARIGATO is a Portuguese word We abolished slavery in 1751 more than a century before the United States Portugal was the first country in the world to abolish the death penalty In most cultures parts of pork is eaten In others PORK is not eaten. The portuguese on the other hand, eat the whole pig. All of it. We even invented a dish with its entrails Napoleon tried to conquer portugal 3 times, and failed. Colombus told the king of Portugal that he had discovered America, and only afterwards did he tell the King of Spain We taught the english to drink tea And the first English queen to drink it at five o'clock was Portuguese We have more territory than Denmark and the Netherlands together We were the only country in Europe that did not burn Templars THE REAL Casino Royale is in Cascais Ambassador Sousa Mendes saved more jews than Oscar Schindler We divided the world in two, with Spain And we got the better part BRAZIL Our national fish is fished in Norway. 4000 kilometers AWAY We invented the japanese Tempura The Portuguese massa tenra pastry is the basis of the Chinese rolls. we were the ones who took chilli to india. without us, there would be no curry. in the XVIII century the income of the king of portugal was 30 times higher than that of the king of england the first european to build a city in Asia was Alexander the Great. the second was Afonso de Albuquerque. In the 17th century, a lisbon adventurer was king of Myanmar. His name was Filipe de Brito. CUBA is a village in the middle of Portugal We are the only european country that has never won an Eurovision song contest We are the only country to have taken an amateur team to the rugby world cup The only statue to a football player in Portugal is to a black man born in Mozambique 60% of Americans think that Portugal is a province of Spain So do some spaniards. But the PRIMATE of Spain were from Portugal. Portugal was in Macau, China, for over 446 years. It's presence lasted 290 years more than the occupation of Hong Kong by the British The colonies of Portuguese fishermen in Canada are older than canada itself We are the country with the most world titles in a sport that is no longer played anywhere else in the world (hockey on roller-blades) During world war II cascais had more kings without a throne than it had five-star hotels The portuguese empire lasted six centuries. it was the longest global empire in history; the oldest book shop in the world is in Portugal, so is the most advanced science research center in the field of health garcia da orta was the physician of an important indian sultan and of the portuguese viceroy as a gift for his services he received a small city called Mumbai. During the sixteenth century all the european courts had a Portuguese doctor the house of Bragança was so rich that it did not charge taxes on its land for 120 years we have the world's oldest alliance in force. and we still take it seriously 53% of external trade of the european union pass throught waters that are under portuguese jurisdiction we have the 11th largest exclusive economic zone in the world 15 times the size of continental portugal. The expansion of the continental platform puts us in 10th place. The 9th place is held by Brazil. Were Portuguese is also spoken. We also had our own Jean Jacques Cousteau. He was born fifty years earlier and worked in Cascais. Portuguese is the fifth most spoken language in the world. The sixth most used on the internet. Ahead of Arabic and french. the portuguese-speaking market is the sixth largest economic power in the world. We invented rosé. We sell rosé. But do not dring rosé. We are the country with the oldest borders in Europe. James Bond was invented in Estoril Our Ronaldo is better than the brazilian Ronaldo. Magellan was the second most famous portuguese to serve the spanish crown. Mourinho is the moust famous. In september 1999 nearly a million and a half portuguese people manifested, forcing the indonesian to leave the east timor territory but one of the largest volunteer campaigns ever in portugal was in 1940 we collected tons of clothes and cereals to support another peripheral, poor and starving country. This country was Finland Transcription: Rui Pinto

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O que os Finlandeses precisam saber acerca de Portugal

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