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Manel - Aniversari

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♫ Manel - Birthday ♫ The lights were off, They have taken the cake. The parents clapping, the uncles and friends, all at once, grouped into a single cry: "Let her make a wish! Let her make a wish!" and your nerve, as long as you have to be in the spotlight, you have set eyes a vague point of the dining room. A second, two seconds, three seconds, four... and five Your eyes rode while looking for a wish. The candles were burning and some friends pointed their photo cameras at you. A voice said: "Oh, how beautiful she looks!" And I in the background finished the bottom of the glass ...resolved to find a suitable corner to make myself small, tiny. The size of a fly, the size of a mosquito. For once dwarfed under the stools extended by a couple of trestles, making my way with the caution throught a net of winter shoes, crushed confetti. Sprinting while cursing the length of my new steps. And hiding betwen a cork and the wall. Just in time to avoid being eaten by the kitten from hell. And climb the border of your dress and place my left food in an undone sitch and get to your shoulder and sit on a button and get some breathe and with a hop grab a hair and push myself for a last final jump. And access to your wish through the skin of the corner of your eye. Now one foot, now one arm, now the torso, now the head. And once inside your wish I check if there is a good atmosphere. Hand in some cards, be nice to people. And with the manners of a young, discreet and educated, I present my respects to the autority. Listen carefully to old battles from the elderly. Take funny photos with other distinguished guests, and with a man in a tie whom I do not know. And inside the cloud of dreams that you have available and among others that I am sorry, you'll never live again. I look for a path that takes me away from the group Or to a quiet shadow where unnoticed I strecht myself a bit and finally, relax celebrating the indescribable pleasure to be with you, today that you are growing up while outside your eye the candles are extinguishing. ♫ Manel - Birthday ♫

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Duration: 8 minutes and 7 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: Catalan
Views: 758
Posted by: xela on Mar 24, 2011

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