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Team work 1

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Ok, then, the person with the talking stick speaks, and then passes it on to the next person, allright? Let's start with Karla. How were the teams chosen for this project? Miss Ana... You know how all kids want to work with their friends? Well, Miss Ana didn't want that, because, whenever friends are together they start talking too much and they don't work. So, Miss Ana had one of those lottery machines that you turn and a number comes out. Everyone has an ipad number, so she put the numbers in the lottery, and if your numbers came up, you became partners. I am number 7 and Alan is number 2, so we became partners. Ok, and what happened if you got partered with another girl, for example? Well, it was ok, but if Miss Ana thought they were going to talk too much, for example, Alan and Diego, they talk too much, so I believe that if they had been parters, the teacher would have asked them to switch. Ok, and why did most of the teams end up being boy-girl? Because everyone must have not only one friend, but a lot more. I used to feel miserable since David left, I only wanted to be with Isaac. He was like a brother to me, besides my real brother Aldo. So, when I knew my partner was Karla I thought I was going to have a hard time working with her, because we once had a fight before. I'm just saying! It was not only boy-girl, it could be boys together, girls together... Boy and girl... Ok, Karla, how did you feel when you learned that you had to work with Alan, in the beginning, before starting the project? Well, first I thought that I was going to have to do all the work. But then... Well, that's what ended up happening, but I like Alan, and so I felt a little happy. But I did not want to show I was happy, because there are some kids in our class that sometimes make fun of you if you say: Oh! I'm happy he's my partner! Because they think you love him or something. So, I was happy, but I did't want to show it. So nobody would make fun of you or think that you liked Alan, or something like that. Besides, I'm in love with someone else. Oh, really? Ok, and how did you feel when you learned you were going to work with Karla? In the beginning I felt miserable, because I thought Karla didn't like me, but she doesn't have a problem with me, the problem is with my brother. And then I felt.... It's just that I don't like it when people start making fun of me and telling me that I am cheating on my girlfriend, and that I like Karla, because it is not true. It was just that the teacher made us partners, it was a random thing. And, had you ever had problems before, or never? Well... no, never. Ok, so, how was working with your partner different from other times you have worked in other teams? Or did you feel like it was the same as it always is when you work in a team? What was different this time? Well, I was sort of the leader in the team, but there were differences because I was mad at Alan. Because he didn't bring the key ingredient for this project, two containers. So I got angry because he said that he was going to bring them, that he was sure, so I got angry because he did't bring them. We had to use glasses, but it was't the same, because they did not have a lid on them, so.... It did not work very well? No. And in the end someons broke them, a girl crushed them with a backpack, but it was an accident. What did you feel was different about working with Karla, from previous times you have worked in other teams Alan? Once I worked with anoter girl named Paola who used to bully Isaac and me. But with Karla it was different because she does't bully anyone, she already knew. Look, if I didn't bring anything, she wasn't going to kill me. I spent all night looking for those containers, but I couldn't find any. So, she understood the problem you had? Well, yes. I even fell asleep. Ok, good. What was the result of your work? Well, the teacher told everyone who used containers, who were two or three, that we would take them to a sunny place, but they didn't so, wee put them in a spot outside the classroom and there is no sun there, So, none of the projects worked. And how did you feel because they didn't work? Well, when I saw they were not working, I took it to a sunny spot for about an hour. At the end of the day the bell rang and a third grade girl came with her backpack and crushed it. The glasses did't brake, but they were squished. Ok, and what did you think at the end, when the project was done about Alan not being responsible about what he had to bring? Well, 8 was not angry about that, I was angry because the teacher said they would take them to a sunny spot, And I believe that if she had taken them to another place, it might have worked. But none of them worked. Ok, and you Alan, how did you feel about the results of your work? Well, not about the results, but since we did it with glasses, I blamed myself. I didn't bring the containers, because there were none in my house. I looked in the pantry, and everywhere and I couldn't find any, so that was why I thought that, I felt bad too. Did you feel ashamed? Or how did you feel? Ashamed, and I never talked about that. And, how do you feel now about having worked with Alan? I feel good, we are now friends. We used to never speak to eachother, right Alan? I was usually distracted. But now we like eachother more, and he is now a good friend of mine. And you Alan, how did you feel about working with Karla? Well, in the beginning I thought that the same thing that happened with Paola, a year ago, was going to happen. But then, it wasn't that bad. We hadn't spoken in quite some time, because I am not the same as my brother, no. After that, for me, she showed me what having a friend is, because I used to not have any, well after David left I was alone. But she showed me what it is to have a friend. That you can have new friends, right? Ok. Good, and you had already worked together on a project before right? One where you built some things out of wood? No, that was with the other Alan, and it didn't work either because he did not bring the arch. And I failed the presentation, but I got an A for doing the work. That was the other Alan, not me. And did you feel like Alan worked more this time than he usually does? Well sometimes he doesn't work because he says he is a Super Hero, and I that bothers me. And I tell him: don't say those things! But this time he did work, he helped me. He made an effort? Yes. I painted, he helped me place all of the aluminum to cover it, and I placed the lid. Let's say each one of us did one part, he did half, and I did half. Ok, very good. And you Alan, did you feel like you worked harder on this project than in other projects? Yes, I feel like I worked more, because I used to work with fear and things like that. And when you are afraid, you can't work? I can work, but I am not focused. But what Paola did to me was horrible, you don't want to know. Ok, guys, is there anything else you would like to say? Mmm.. No. Did you like working on this project together? Yes. Ok, thank you very much guys.

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Teamwork at HPA 1

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