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How to speed up the ripening process for sweet plantains

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[Denisse Oller -] Ripe plantains, or platanos, may look like an old banana, but that's not the case. Inside, the flesh is ripe and sweet. But how do you tell if it's ripe enough for your dish? [Aviso de Sorteo] Stick around and you'll have a chance to win a treat for your feet. [♪ music ♪] [Secretos de Cocina con Denisse] If you saw my last tip on green platanos, you know how to select and enjoy them as tostones, also called patacones. But as they ripen, the green platanos turn yellow, then completely dark. As it darkens, the starch converts into sugar, making the sweet platanos perfect for a variety of recipes like maduros, which taste great fried or baked. But what if your recipe calls for dark platanos when all you have available are yellow and dark-spotted plantains? You can actually speed up the ripening process. Place the platanos in a brown paper bag with another ripe fruit, then store them in a dark place at room temperature, such as your oven or pantry. Check back until it darkens to your taste. Ripe platanos are tasty when fried, boiled, and baked and even grilled. Check out my lasana caribena recipe. Be sure to catch my tip for frying healthy food too. It will come in handy to make sure your maduros fry evenly. What's your favorite platano? Let me know in the Comments section below. Remember that treat I mentioned in the beginning? Check out some of our other videos to find the ones that are marked for entry to win this awesome kit. But you have to go and find each video for a chance to win. Details in the description below. Don't forget to subscribe for more tips every Wednesday, and we appreciate your likes, your shares, and tip suggestions. I'll see you the next time. Hasta la proxima. [AARP® - Posibilidades a tu alcance] [♪ music ♪] If you'd like to see more recipes and cooking tips, just click on the videos you see here. [Still Hungry?] [Essential knives] [Green plantains] And if you're still hungry, visit us at Subscribe now to receive my cooking secrets, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. [facebook - /AARPenEspanol] [Twitter - @AARPenEspanol] []

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Ripe plantains or “plátanos” may look like a bad banana but that’s not the case! Watch how Denisse speeds up the ripening process to bring out their sweetness...perfect for making “maduros” (sweet baked plaintains).

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