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Spring of Life

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Try Your Best A person who does his best in all his works is beautiful. 'What should I cook today?' 'Let's study harder to get better grades in math!' 'We can be saved only when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior.' 'No.. I shouldn't be doing this...' But if one forgets his duty in his work, there will be confusions and big problems arising. Then, what is a way to do our best? First, we should realize how important it is to keep our positions. The parents have to raise their children. The husband has to keep his family as the head, and the wife should make the family peaceful and warm. "Darling, how was your today? I made your favorite soup." Then, how is it within a hierarchy? The higher in position has to guide his subordinates with love and generosity, and the lower in position has to obey their leaders whether or not they are respected leaders. Only then can the order be kept in the organization and the teams can function properly. "What is this! You call this a proposal? Do it again!" 'Right.. He would also be tired with all his work. I will try to do my best to satisfy him.' Next, we have to realize that each member of the group is so valuable and precious. We cannot say any part of the body is precious and other parts are not. Likewise, we should know that every field is important and regard one another invaluable. Also, we should not just stop our work thinking, "That seems better, so I will do that." It is very important to understand ourselves correctly. "Attention! Teacher will be late today. So let's study quietly until he comes. 'I think our teacher only likes the president. He only gives me hard works.' It is very important to understand ourselves correctly. We can't say who is important and who is not. "Our class won the grand prize at the Classroom Display Contest." "Wow!!!" "Everyone did their best but especially our class vice president did a great job for this contest. Let's give our vice president a big hand!" I hope you understand how important your position is and that you may have a successful life.

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Posted by: parksungki on Sep 17, 2012

Spring of Life

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