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Creature Comforts_2_Animals in the Hood

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As I look down I can see an (1) ____________ beer keg standing beside a plastic bucket full of... ... don't know what! And ... looking out further... a melange of undergrowth and rubbish and rocks... and (2) _______________ and concrete and... ... shoes and then in the distance a marvellous vista of a (3) _____________________. It's like a (4) ______________ come true! What's the... what's the neighbourhood like around here, both of you? ♪ Down in the guetto, that's where the life is so cold ♫ We don't live in the ghetto, it'''s the inner city we live in . It's the (5) ______________ redevelopment scheme. -Yeah -The Council really wants to know, know what I mean? -Urban Remember to state the word. This is one of the best (6) _________________ you could live The way it's handy to the centre of town Also to the local village of Stockton Heath. So I just love living here I have (7) ____________ since the first day we moved in. Especially because of the people who live around here But that's... Forget that bit. That's great round here It's su...perbly convenient for us I came here on a Monday I th...think I missed out on the... -... Wednesday -You went out for lunch on the Wednesday. You were (8) ______________ out to lunch. -I was here on the Friday -Yeap -And again on the Saturday -Yeap So that week I had four Indians OK, only three on the (9) ______________ but, in total, I had four Indians. And it's very good, here. It is very good. I know it's not mine. It's ... beyond my wildest dreams. 'cause it's really (10) __________________. And I'm not kidding you I would've never dreamt in a million years, when I was... when I was in Newcastle, I'd be... I'd be living in a place like this. -It's... -Lot better -... much nicer -Yeah -Much nicer. -Bigger! -Yeah. -Bigger. -Lot more room. -Much more (11) ________________, yeah. -Yeah. -More garden Nice to have a garden, yeah. and, dare I say it?, more than one loo! My (12) ________________ house would be like... really modern day. There would be an (13) ________________ to go upstairs 'cause my feet get tired of going up to bed. and I'll just like... I have to keep on climbing every hour That wall there for about three foot up was... ...running with water when we moved (14) __________________ And I was a long while trying to work out why. No,no,no,no, No, what? that's a stupid question! Damp problem? No. I don't think so. And what do you mean by that, kind sir? What do you mean "substance"? "Substance"? What's this "substance"? -Subsidence! -"Subsidence"? -Subsidence! -Subsidence? -Yeah! -Subsidence? You lean? -Yeah, I'm lean.Yeah, I got a leaning problem. Yeah. -No, no, no, you mean if... what do you mean that? Subsidence? We don't get any subsidence here Nothing here at all! Er...I'm not sure, I think... I'm not sure why. I don't think we get it here. I mean some people lay stones on... sand But I don't (15) ______________ with that. I lay stones on clay, which is what is underneath, and I use the Italian system of ramming it in sideways when it's moist And then jumping on it jumping and jumping and jumping You can actually cause yourself varicose veins if you do that. It was built by boys who knew how to build houses in the 1950s 'cause that's built with (16) ______________. See, a lot of these houses you see now, they are... they are just thrown up. This one was built putting one brick on top of the other I think I'm here permanent now. Absolutely permanent. I've been here for (17) _____________over two years now - Yes, I've been... - Because. - .. here about two years. I've been here for two years. I think I've been longer than you -Yes! - I...I...I.. oh, you would have, yes. I became a.. I'm not sure how long I've been You were here when I came I've been here four years I've been four years. I can't remember -Enjoyed every minute of it. -No, I've been here longer than two years. I'm sure of that. You have been, yes! Well, it's just nice to know that there's ... there's.. like I come here and there's people like Muriel and a few hundred. -Well, a few!... Yes. - Yes, .... a few. We're all the same We're all here for the same (18) _____________ -Companionship,... -That's it! ... friendship, conversation, ... We talk about past lives sometimes, future... what we're gonna do tonight, ... Monday I wait for Thursday and Thursday I wait for Monday No, I... I... I didn't say that No, I know you didn't but I do I said to one of them "Did you have a nice weekend?" But we did say that. I mean we quite like here, don't we? We said if we win the lottery we'd.. ... put a swimming pool and would be quite happy here, wouldn't be? somewhere sort of like (19) ________________ in the winter and then come back here in the summer 'cause I do like it here -Spain! -Yeah, Spain- Spain? -Algarve! -Spain! -Algarve! -Algarve! I don't know. I haven't given it too much (20) ________________! I think Miami would be nice! I've noticed when you pass people down here, you... you all smile and say "good morning". You sort of wouldn't do that in Newcastle. In Newcastle they'd think you were soft. I mean, you just didn't do that. People just sort of... walk past each other and (21) ______________ into each other, didn't they? But down here, it's nice and friendly and I like it. I mean... It's great! It's friendly although we don't ... mix! Er... ain't the right word! We don't... walk into... in and out of each other's houses but... ... everybody is friendly Everybody speaks when you see them No, I can't think of anything I really dislike about it! We don't know what's round the corner but I can't be doing moving again after... Well, the shop's around the corner What do you mean the shop's around the corner? Well, there's the hairdresser's The shoe shop The clothes shop -What's that got...? -And there was a post office Well you said, you said you never know what's round the corner I do know what's round the corner! Yeah, yeah! I'm not going to move from here. It's too hard work, (22) ____________ one thing This is where we are This..we'll... we'll finish up here I like it anyway. What would I say I like about this neighbourhood? The views! I mean the views are just... sunset to sunrise, sunrise to sunset wonderful views Here comes the rain, Oh, dear! Do you think it'll go? Seems to be It'll just be a passing (23) _____________ What's next? bedroom with a bit of a leek in the roof No! which we don't know where it's coming from, 'cause nobody's (24) ____________ to look. Of course I'd like to call myself "lucky". But having a house struck by (25) _________________ on the first day when you move in seems to me that it ain't such a lucky thing

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Posted by: ecuenca on Apr 14, 2011

Another episode of the animation series Creature Comforts. Adding subtitles to it helps my students to understand it better while they improve their listening skills and their pronunciation and intonation.

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