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Sraddhalu Ranade - On the Contrary

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global oneness project On the Contrary The first requirement for us to be able to come together and resolve our differences is the acceptance that each one is right in his own way, to a limited extent. Sraddhalu Ranade - Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India - Scientist, Educationalist, Scholar Each one is wrong to the extent that he moves away from that centrality of what he represents. This is the common framework in which all contraries can be resolved. In the absence of such a recognition, the contradictions persist, become violent, and one side attempts to overwhelm the other by obliterating it, hopes to create some kind of harmony, but either these delay evolution or they inevitably fail because evolution will not allow such an obliteration. So as long as you have groups of people who refuse to recognize that the other side has a valid point and that it has its own limitations and even others a viewpoint and is willing to change, as long as there is this nonrecognition and nonwillingness to change, you will continue to have these strifes. And very often it's the strife which forces people to go back and question themselves and introspect. And it's unfortunately the only way by which a humanity that refuses to change can be woken up to the need for change, through intense pain and struggle. If we could avoid it, it would be wonderful. And we should try to reach out to people to communicate that there is a truth greater than all of us, and all our formulations are partial and limited and even distort the truth. If the larger mass of humanity can recognize that, a lot of these problems can be made much simpler-- I won't say resolved, but they'll be made much simpler because the resolution then involves not only an understanding but a change of consciousness, and that takes time. But at least when I understand my limitations and the other's strengths and begin to learn from the other as well as share my strengths, then there is a framework of a working harmony.

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