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COME TO THE LORD (Captioned)

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Sermon: Luke 7:1-10 Please rise for the sermon text recorded for us in Luke's Gospel where we read the first ten verses from Chapter 7: WHEN JESUS HAD FINISHED SAYING ALL THIS IN THE HEARING OF THE PEOPLE, HE ENTERED CAPERNAUM. THERE A CENTURION'S SERVANT, WHOM HIS MASTER VALUED HIGHLY, WAS SICK AND ABOUT TO DIE. THE CENTURION HEARD OF JESUS AND SENT SOME ELDERS OF THE JEWS TO HIM, ASKING HIM TO COME AND HEAL HIS SERVANT. WHEN THEY CAME TO JESUS, THEY PLEADED EARNESTLY WITH HIM, "THIS MAN DESERVES TO HAVE YOU DO THIS, BECAUSE HE LOVES OUR NATION AND HAS BUILT OUR SYNAGOGUE." SO JESUS WENT WITH THEM. HE WAS NOT FAR FROM THE HOUSE WHEN THE CENTURION SENT FRIENDS TO SAY TO HIM: "LORD, DON'T TROUBLE YOURSELF, FOR I DO NOT DESERVE TO HAVE YOU COME UNDER MY ROOF. THAT IS WHY I DID NOT EVEN CONSIDER MYSELF WORTHY TO COME TO YOU. BUT SAY THE WORD, AND MY SERVANT WILL BE HEALED. FOR I MYSELF AM A MAN UNDER AUTHORITY, WITH SOLDIERS UNDER ME. I TELL THIS ONE, 'GO,' AND HE GOES; AND THAT ONE, 'COME,' AND HE COMES. I SAY TO MY SERVANT, 'DO THIS,' AND HE DOES IT." WHEN JESUS HEARD THIS, HE WAS AMAZED AT HIM, AND TURNING TO THE CROWD FOLLOWING HIM, HE SAID, "I TELL YOU, I HAVE NOT FOUND SUCH GREAT FAITH EVEN IN ISRAEL." THEN THE MEN WHO HAD BEEN SENT RETURNED TO THE HOUSE AND FOUND THE SERVANT WELL. This is the Word of our Lord. Let us pray: Glorious and gracious God, may the words of my mouth and the meditation of each of our hearts be acceptable in Your sight, our only source of hope and comfort. Amen. The sermon text taken from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION 1978, used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers. Dear Followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Wouldn't life be wonderful if we all had that same attitude that Genevieve had sitting here this morning! "I'm not afraid-a nothin'!" It's a bold statement ... ... and she probably isn't, because she hasn't grown up! And she doesn't realize all of the horrible and terrible things that are out there. All of the bad things that happen and come into our lives. And I think that we can probably see in our own lives there are times when we thought we were pretty brave. Typical situations that were presented to us that we really weren't afraid of. But there seems to be one area of life that shakes us to the core. And that's our health. When our bodies don't start doing what we want them to do anymore. And they don't work properly. And they're not functioning the way that they should be functioning. And all of a sudden we realize there are things that we are not capable of doing anymore. All of a sudden there's a fear that I'm not going to be able to drive anymore. Or maybe the fear is that someone's going to take that license away from me. I'm not going to be able to take care of my own needs in my own home. And the fear is I'm going to have to go somewhere else, that I don't want to go, live with people I don't want to live with and not have the privacy that I have. Life becomes scary. Life becomes frightening. Let alone, the fear that death ... is coming. The fear that our end on this earth is much closer ... than we thought. And all of a sudden, fear creeps into our lives. Maybe that's how that centurion in Capernaum felt as he stood there watching his servant, who meant something to him who was not just a piece of property, but he saw his servant who was sick and dying and he knew he had to do something. He knew he had to do what he could so he sends some people to Jesus because he had heard that Jesus was in the area. He had heard what Jesus had done. The works that He had been doing. Accomplishing the healing of the sick. Preaching the Gospel. The news that the Messiah was here and he sent people to Jesus. People of his own race, elders of the Jewish faith. Those people went to Jesus and they begged and pleaded with Jesus ... You NEED to come with us. You NEED to come to this man's house. He's a great man. He's done wonderful things for us as a people. He's even helped build our synagogue. He DESERVES to have You come to his house. They wanted Jesus to go and do something. Because that man DESERVED to have Jesus come to his house. Maybe the problem is in our own lives, that when we come to Jesus, we come to Him thinking we deserve to have something from Him. We get in that place of fear in our life. Maybe it IS that fear of losing our health at our own death. And we come to God thinking in our head that we deserve to have Him do something to change that ... outside of death ... which is a big change. That's gonna happen to all of us. But we come to God sometimes thinking I have been a faithful church member for all of my life and God I DESERVE to have you help me with this. God, I have poured money into Your churches. I have supported Your mission work. I am a good giver. Now, God, You give to me because I deserve it! We come to God with our own minds saying: God, I have used my intellect for You. I have taught Your Word. I have proclaimed Your Word. I come now with my full understanding as a magnificent human being and say to you: You do this for me ... because I deserve it. But that's not our relationship to our God. There is nothing that we have done ... there is nothing that we ARE, that DESERVES to have God come to us and care about us. To protect us. To show His love for us. To heal us. To take us to our eternal home. But in that, is the grace and the love of God is that He STILL comes to us undeserving as we are ... horrible, wretched, miserable sinners ... He comes to us with His love! And His forgiveness! And He comes to us with His blessings! And His grace! And He pours them out on us each and every day! We are reminded that He has given us His Name, placed that name on us. He has given us a house of worship to gather at where we can hear His Word and feed our faith. We can celebrate the forgiveness of sins in His Holy Supper. all reminders of what He has done for us. Out of love for us. And that changes the way we return to Him. Not as braggy little children ... spoiled rotten by everything that has been given to us, but as humble children, realizing without our Lord and heavenly Father we would have NOTHING. Nothing ... but hell and condemnation. But through Him and the gift of His Holy Spirit, the gift of faith we have EVERYTHING. And we know that He will accomplish all good for us. That no matter what we are going through in our life, no matter how terrified we are or how much afraid we are of the situation, we know that our God is there with us. He is at our side and whatever it is He is going to bring us through ... the chaos of this life ... to peace eternal. To the joys of heaven, from the tumult of this earth, to be with Him forever. And THAT is His love. And THAT is what causes us to come to Him with humble hearts, with the same humble heart that the centurion had. He sent those leaders of the Jews and they messed that message up. Because the centurion wasn't saying he deserved to have Jesus come, when he realizes that Jesus IS coming to his house he feels more unworthy than ever! He sends his friends out to Jesus and says: I understand You. I believe in You and I trust in You. I'm not worthy to have You come in my house. I know what You can do. I know what You can do because I am a man who's under authority and has people under me. I'm a leader and a commander and if I said: Go, they go and if I say: Come, they come and whatever I say they do ... they do! All You have to do is ... speak the Word ... and it will be done! That's humble faith. That is tremendously strong ... faith. And we remind ourselves that that is the faith that we want to emulate in our own life. A trust in knowing that God can accomplish anything! And if it is for our eternal good, He WILL do that in our lives and we will see it. But sometimes we want the big show. Sometimes we want Jesus Himself to walk into our home walk into our lives with a lot of fanfare and a lot of wonderful things going on, and say: Look! I'm healed! Hooray! Because then our faith feels good. Right? Then our faith gets all hyped-up because of all the show and the extra of it. When we know that God supplies what we need each and every day. And sometimes He comes in that still small voice in the calm and takes care of us. And even then, it's not about the manner. It's not about how Jesus did it. It's not about what Jesus did to accomplish the work. But it's about the work that the servant was healed. And Jesus praised that man's faith. And how often in our own lives are we more concerned about the process than what God does for us. Humbly accepting each and every gift. Each and every gift of healing. Each and every gift of comfort. Each and every time He wipes the tears from our eyes or calms our heart that's beating so fast because we are terrified of the situation we're in. But our Lord comes to us and we trust that He always will. Our faith always looks to Him for the strength that it needs, for the support that He gives. And it IS our prayer in life, that He will always be with us! And we come to Him with that knowledge, allowing Him to do His work in whatever manner He wants to but to trust and know that He DOES His work. He WILL do His work. Just as He accomplished our salvation, carried out what the Father sent Him to do in this world, He CONTINUES to fulfill His promises. He CONTINUES to be with us. He CONTINUES to wait in heaven at this very moment ... preparing your room, and my room so that at that specific time when it is ready, He is going to come with His holy angels and take us to be with Him. And we rejoice in that fact. We trust in that fact. We hold firmly to our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and our Savior, and we are calm. And our fears melt away. And sometimes we just need a reminder to have the faith, of a little child. To trust, like a little girl, to say with all of our heart and all of our mind, and all of our being: There ain't nothin' I'm afraid of because I come to the Lord. Amen. Let us rise. Now may the peace of God which goes beyond all of our understanding keep your hearts and your minds and especially your lives in the one true faith unto life everlasting. Amen.

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