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What does being a parent mean? Sadhguru

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now what does being a parent mean being a parent does not mean, biologically you have to go through certain process what you refer to as a parent is that person who has included somebody as a part of himself then you feel somebody's yours, isn't it? my child means what? that which is a part of me isn't it so? does somebody become a part of you just because you deliver them...physically you might have delivered somebody and they hate each other, isn't it so? isn't it so? so somebody does not become a part of you because biologically you delivered them somebody becomes a part of you because you hold them as a part of you, isn't it? so for that you are as much capable as anybody isn't it so? just a question of willingness, isn't it? no capability is required it is just a question of willingness so if you're willing you can include everybody in this existence as your child can anybody stop you see for you to include me as your child do you need my permission no, isn't it? you can even include the creator as your child what's the problem? do you need his permission? no isn't it? so it is just a question of inclusion, what ever you include as a part of you becomes your child, isn't it? when you say your child it just means you're experiencing something as a part of yourself that's what it means isn't it? it's a piece of you people understood too physically just because it comes out of your body is it a part of you, no if you are too identified with the physical body that's the only thing you understand that if something has to be a part of you, it should be of the body unfortunately but that is not where the key is something can be of your body and you can hate it, isn't it so? yes or no? is it not possible? lots of parents and children have become enemies, isn't it so? yes? so because of your excessive identification with the physical body then you think only what is a part of your body is you but the less identified you are with the physical body you can include just anything and anybody as a part of you, isn't it? you got married to somebody did you deliver this person? but you could have experienced this person as a part of you, isn't it?...yes? it's not because they came out of your body it is because you included that person as a part of you, that's all right now because of a very deep sense of identification with the body all this understanding of relationship is twisted out in people's mind right now here for example in this culture if somebody says uses the word relationship everybody around just understands that it's a sex based relationship, isn't it? isn't it so? if you say I have a relationship with this person people think that you have a sex-based relationship with the person, isn't it so why you can have so many kinds of relationships, isn't it? but the word relationship has become limited to that simply because people are getting so deeply identified with their body anything that is not of the body is not valuable if a relationship has to happen, two bodies have to come together but that's not so two people can come together in such a deep ways without having anything to do with the body, isn't it? isn't it so? much deeper relationships than sexual relationships are possible in your life but because one is too identified with the physical body they think sex based relationship is the deepest relationship it's a very poor way to experience life it need not be that way it'll lead to desperation as you cross thirty five, forty, forty five you will become desperate because body will not be the same body keeps changing and people will become desperate for life it's happening, isn't it?

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 Sadhguru explains the definition of being a parent does not mean that biologically you have to go through a certain process, being a parent means a willingness to accept a person as a part of yourself. (AO100)

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