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Mon comportement agit sur l'ensemble de l'humanité - 6'

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Nobody sacrifies themselves williingly, besides boddhisattvas. All the other human beings do not decide to make a sacrifice of themselves but they are utilized by organic life because there are not enough human beings who are sufficiently true, sufficiently good, sufficiently fair, sufficiently awake and aware on earth. Because those human beings are lacking, the other ones produce the same type of energy which is produced by awareness, by true goodness, true fairness, true beauty. An energy is produced, but that energy is not being produced in sufficient quantities, and so organic life finds another way to produce it : through suffering and death. The more we are, attempting to live with goodness, with an accurate sense of justice - not justice, but an accurate sense of justice - attempting to embody beauty in our attitudes as well, and the more we do so consciously, thus multiplying the factor of energy production, the more we are, the more we allow men and women to be relieved from suffering, to avoid dying prematurely and that can possibly have a positive effect on the animal kingdom as well. Thus, the more we have men and women striving to work consciously, the less suffering there is on earth. That is the reason why someone on the Path will not let themselves be stupid or mean, nor act mecanically and unconsciously. Because it is such an insult, first to oneself and to all those around, it is such an insult to all the children who suffer from hunger or torture and such an insult to all the suffering in the world. Do you understand ? To begin with, I am talking of an attitude, our attitude : a high-standard relationship to our environment. That is what it is about first and foremost. If you, willingly and consciously, are able to maintain a high quality relationship with your surroundings, with the human beings, with the animals around you, and with everything that goes on, with all the circumstances of your life, you produce an energy which prevents children from being butchered, from being tortured. If you do that, just simply by deciding to behave in a noble way consciously, by choice : I could behave differently, but I decide to surpass myself and be noble-minded. The easiest way to do that, being : I do not enter into conflict, I am benevolent, I serve. That is the first thing, and the thing which, immediately, has an impact on men and women who, otherwise, would go on suffering and being tortured, or suffering from hunger, destitution, cold or heat. Which means that we can take action immediately. And we know that, where nations and peoples are concerned, we cannot do anything. They are trapped in fields of action, of war and peace on which we have no leverage. That world is steered by other spirits, way beyond what an human being is able to do. However, we can have an immediate effect on the painful circumstances of numerous women, men and children. And that is the reason why I insist on the first principle over and over again : "Never enter into conflcit". Do you see ? If people were aware that entering into conflict slains a child somewhere in the world - it is as though you were putting a weapon in the hand of a murderer who slaughters or tortures a child. That is what you do when you enter into conflict. It really is. If people were aware of that, those whose moral awareness is strong enough would immediately stop. The problem is that you forget, it is... You forget that it really is how things happen. Because we are not very many, we are with ourselves, by ourselves, alone, but what we do has an impact on one or the other of the... I do not know how many billion human beings there are today on earth.. Six, aren't there ? Yes, it is a lot, really a whole lot ; and some of them are immediately affected. When you are on the Path, you can not let yourself, if you want to evolve in a very ordinary way, mark my words : on a Path, evolving at a normal level, you can no longer let yourself enter into conflict.

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Duration: 5 minutes and 40 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
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Producer: Editions Chercheur de Vérité
Director: Brice Morot
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Posted by: apzoir.detereol on Aug 7, 2012

Selim Aïssel - 6mn - 42

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