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Граѓанското општество ги предизвикува властите

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Oana Longesku (BBC, moderator) Could you give us brief introduction? Tell us who you are and where are you coming from? Saso Klekovski (MCIC, Republic of Macedonia) I come from Macedonia. This morning we had a very good discussion with presidents and vice-presidents of the parliaments of our countries. One of the main conclusions was: “Do not speak to us, speak to your governments if you desire to influence the legislation in the early phase” My question refers to this point. We often talk about money, thus, I will not do the same. However, I ask, how the representatives of the governments consider the possibility of inclusion of the civil society organizations in the preparation of the legislation in the early phase? To whom do you address your question? To all speakers. Not all of you should respond, however, if you have brief answers we would be delighted to hear them. Ivica Bocevski (Deputy Vice-President of the Government of Republic of Macedonia) Saso is my friend. Since I have been previously involved in the civil society sector we go back for years. Presently, the Regulatory Guillotine is operational and we would like to have every document sent from the government to the Parliament together with the evaluation of the its influence. We would like to see involved in this process the civil society organizations, even in the phase of preparation of the legislation. We would like to evaluate the influence, by means of this reform, of the market and the civil society sector, in the process of preparation of every law I hope this answers your question.

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Posted by: mcms on May 4, 2009

Амбициозниот настан насловен како Љубљана конгрес „Граѓанското општество ги предизвикува јавните авторитети се одржа во Љубљана во периодот 16-18 април 2009 година, во организација на Европското движење, а со поддршка на Парламентот и Владата на Словенија, Европската комисија и градот Љубљана.

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