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Peppa Pig- Santa's Grotto

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It is Christmas Eve, Hands up who wants to go and see Father Christmas. Me, me me! Are we going to the North Pole? Not quite that far, Peppa. But Father Christmas lives at the North Pole! Lucky for us, he's got a grotto at the Christmas fair. Peppa and George have come to visit Santa's grotto. Hello, everyone! - Hello! All aboard the Elf train! This way to Santa's grotto! Suzy, what are you asking Father Christmas for? I don't know, what are you asking for? I would like a doll that walks and talks and closes its eyes when it goes to sleep. I'll ask for that too. How does Father Christmas remember what toys everybody wants? He makes a list. He surely must be really fast to go around the whole world in one night. It's a supersleigh! Father Christmas is really old! He's hundreds of years old. Even older than my daddy! Santa's grotto! Ho, ho, ho, hello everyone! Hello, Father Christmas! Have you all been good? -Yes! Have you all kept your bedrooms tidy? -Yees. Have you? Ho, ho, ho, of course! Now, come and tell me what you'd like for Christmas. Can I have a football, please? A xylophone - Tiddlywinks - A magic set, please. Racing car Bouncy ball, boing, boing. a train, please. A toy train. Not a toy train, a real train, one I can drive, with real passengers. Ho, ho, ho, I'll see what I can do. Is that everyone? We haven't seen you yet. I am sorry, what is your name? I'm Peppa Pig. We've met before. Ah, yes, nice to see you again, Peppa. What would you like for Christmas? I would like a doll that walks and talks and closes its eyes when it goes to sleep, please. Erm...the same for me, please. Very good. You do know where I live, don't you? Oh, yes! How old are you? Oh, I'm hundreds of years old. I told you! Goodbye, Father Christmas. Don't forget to leave me a mince pie.and .. ...and a drink, we know. And a carrot for the reindeer. Ho, ho, ho! Peppa and her family are driving back from the Christmas fair. Daddy, why have we got our bags in the car? We're spending Christmas at Granny and Grandpa's house. But Father Christmas won't know where we are! Don't worry, Peppa. Father Christmas knows everything. Granny Pig! It's nearly Christmas! Yes, and I've got a very important job for you. Stir the Christmas pudding, and make a wish. Peppa and George are making a wish. Racing car Don't tell me what it is! Here's the mince pie and the drink for Father Christmas. And the carrot for the reindeer! Who can that be at this time of night? We're not buying anything! Merry joyful greetings, festive happy cheers, Carol singers! Oh, Merry Christmas! It is bedtime for Peppa and George This used to be my bedroom when I was a little piggy. Father Christmas knows where Granny and Grandpa live, doesn't he? Oh, he's been here many times before. Good night, Peppa. Good night, George. Peppa and George have fallen asleep. When they wake up, it will be Christmas day.

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Posted by: totleigh on Dec 15, 2013

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