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What's New at TAUS

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Welcome to the TAUS wall. Jaap and Rahzeb outline the program for 2012. We'll do technology briefings... indepth reports on new technologies and the best practices. With that we go deeper now. We provide some pointed, focused insights. Next year we'll be launching the TAUS prize for the best paper written. In April, we're in Tokyo. The following week we're in Beijing. We're partnering with the translator's association of China... and we're very lucky for the event to be hosted by CCID. In May and June we're in Paris... for a translation technology roundtable followed by the "Eight Things to Change Summit". And finally we're in Seattle in the fall, where we have the User Conference... as well as the TAUS Data Association annual general meeting. The three main aspects of the program for 2012... We've listened very well to our members, like what do they need... and clearly we move from ideas to implementation... and the things that really jumped out from our consultations with the members is quality. Translation quality is a problem in the industry. We're still on the basis of a static definition of quality... and the reality is: dynamic quality. We need to go up and down in quality, so we've set up some kind of a framework... to measure quality. Interoperability, which we see as a fundamental building block for... automation and innovation. We work with standards bodies and are working on API - very important... as translation moves to the cloud as an open protocol that people can use. The third action line is supporting open source machine translation. We're providing hands-on help with finding the right data... implementing and training, both on a quantitative and a qualitative basis. Those are the main action lines that we're working on. If you want to find out more information, go to or watch the other TAUS wall videos.

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Posted by: translationautomation on Dec 29, 2011

This video summarizes TAUS publishing and event activity for 2012, as well as outlining key focus areas for the year.

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