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HOM 31 - The creation of the Soulconstruct

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Creation of the Soul Construct Hi Jack here again I'm speaking about the creation of the Soul Construct. Now what Anu then realized was that when beings died and they crossed over... Now, the consciousness system inside human beings during that time had the mind placement and the whole spine. The soul construct didn’t exist there then, yet. The soul construct is also a system placement, remember that. It was a system placement inside the solar plexus, which contained all your memories of past experiences in past lives. Now, you’re probably asking, Why the hell did they then create the soul construct? What was the reason, and what was the purpose thereof? The soul construct is another religion, to be honest. It is another method used to spawn separation, if I place it to that perspective Because, human beings, and I presume they still do, no, actually I know they still do believed there existed something like a soul. I am apparently this soul. No, you know, that is the absolute statement of separation, of limitation. If you are just going to define yourself according to a soul, well, then I’ll see you at the end of the process when you finally realize who you are. The creation of the soul was when Anu basically realized that they have a problem. The following problem occurred: When the beings went and experienced their lives here on Earth, their systems couldn’t handle the containment of memory of past experiences. Their entire mind consciousness system that was placed inside them, it couldn’t absorb... See, if you experience something like me talking to you here and now, and I am going with my hands like this and putting my hands down, that's a moment, done. If I go like this for instance that was a moment. Now, what I showed you there is now a moment that is now passed; I am now again here doing this with my hands this is the next moment. Just to maybe explain ‘a moment’. Now, within this existence, every moment you experience... or you can take a deep breath Breathing in, breathing out: one moment. Next moment: breathing in, breathing out: next moment So, that’s ‘moments'. Now, in existence, as human beings experience themselves, moments become memories. That’s how human beings as mind consciousness systems were programmed. Every moment you experience becomes a memory, a memory that is stored in your mind to remember, because the mind consciousness system works according to memory. So, if something occurs in your life, you will notice that your life goes into cycles. One cycle begins, another ends. Which is from one to seven years, then, again from seven to thirteen, thirteen to eighteen, eighteen to twenty-two; twenty-two to twenty-seven and so it continues. Those cycles are cycles from a beginning to an end, and they are actually exactly the same. The only thing that changes is you, according to your mind consciousness system evolution/development. The cycles are exactly the same, but you won’t notice it, at all, because you are not aware of it. Now, what happens is the following: You have one cycle - the first cycle is where you start developing your entire mind consciousness system which is your unconscious, subconscious and conscious mind, which is from about naught to seven years old. During that time, ALL of your moment-experiences are stored as memory in your mind. So, now the next cycle starts, which is from seven to thirteen years old. Now, at seven, it is the same beginning as when you were naught and now your mind uses memories from when you were naught to seven years old to kind of assist you in experiences that you have from thirteen to eighteen, for instance. So the loops continue upon each other, you are actually always existing in memory. What happens from thirteen to eighteen is that your.... sorry, no, from seven to thirteen... So, from naught to seven, you have your one loop and then, from seven to thirteen, your next loop is actually exactly the same. You now have past memories stored in your mind of experiences you’ve had from naught to seven, which is used during the period of seven to thirteen to kind of keep you in the same loop, always, so that human beings literally exist in memories. They found that -- because of the whole memory system on which the mind consciousness systems are based and required the systems cannot handle it. The systems started knocking out badly, really bad. People started becoming barbaric, crazy and that’s when the soul construct was developed. The soul construct was the place where MOST of your memories during your life were contained - not all, most. Usually the most important memories were something to do with relationships, that was what remained. Relationships regarding your family specifically, because your relationship with your family is the most important, because that is the relationship that you will bind and tie yourself with, with another human being in your world. That was number one. The second was some form of a belief in something or someone - very important. Next, of course, your personality and your behavior and then, experiences you have had because of your personality and behavior with other beings that you have used to kind of manifest reactive behaviors to “defend” yourself in this world, to survive. Oh god, survival, definitely. Other memories were then stored into your solar plexus, into the soul construct, so that, when you die, ALL your memories from the life you’ve just, had including your lives before that, is all contained in your solar plexus (in the soul construct). This was also used with the Akashic records, where they recorded all your lives, your experiences, what you had done - mainly a fear manifestation construct - apparently where a book is written about your lives, who you were and what you’ve done. This is Jack. I will continue in my next interview. Thanks.

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Posted by: tullepie on Feb 2, 2009

The soul construct is also a system placement, remember that. It was a system placement inside the solar plexus, which contained all of your memories of past experiences in past lives.

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