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The Devil Inside (2012)

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South Hartford 911, what is your emergency? [woman's voice, almost robotic] [dial tone] (girl) When I was about eight years old, my mother murdered three people. (TV) Police arrived at the home... (girl) She had committed these murders during an exorcism. An exorcism performed on her. The Holy Church got involved. She was transferred to the Centrino Mental Hospital in Rome. So, here I am. You start wondering "Is it in my genes?" Am I going to flip out one day? (doctor) Just precautions. If she becomes too difficult, there is a panic button on the wall. Maria? I'm your daughter. Connect the cuts. Connect the cuts. AAAAAAH! (David) If you really want to help your mother, you need a better understanding of exorcism. (Isabell) What do you suggest? (David) You need to see a real one. (David) Where is she? [woman speaking unknown language] [bone cracking] This is a combination of science and religion, based on my background in medicine. Let's begin. (woman) Isabella. (Isabella) She said my name. [screeching] (Ben) I found four voices on the recording. (Isabella) What does that mean? (Ben) Multiple demonic posessions. Please help my mother. (David) This isn't consistent with any form of possession that I've ever seen. I'm sorry, Isabella. I just... AAAAAAAAAH! [woman singing] (man) Isabella, don't listen to her. (woman) ♪ Down came the rain ♪ [Isabella screams] ♪ and washed the spider out.♪ I don't know! ♪ out came the sun and dried up all the rain ♪ [during the screaming] [quiet] Let my mother go. (male voice) You'll burn [monitor beeping] Connect the cuts. Connect the cuts. Connect the cuts. [Captions by]

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