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Superstruct Superthreat: Quarantine

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Welcome to the Global Extinction Awareness System. You are watching Superthreat Number 1: Quarantine. In 2019 Respiratory Distress Syndrome – or ReDs – is here, and it’s not going anywhere. Outbreaks are just something we live with. Hardest hit: Tropical and subtropical cities GEAS Volunteers report from the frontlines of the Quarantine superthreat. GEAS volunteer bergmantra reports on the recent arrival of a ReDS Relief team in Stockholm, where the number of citizens living with ReDS has topped 15,000 In addition to setting up testing centers, ReDS Relief will organize local support groups to help patients and loved ones cope with the chronic symptoms of the pandemic, such as violent coughing fits, wasting, and severe pain in the extremities. Stockholm is the first city outside of the tropical and subtropical hot-zones to receive official ReDS Relief, which also targets the long-term social and business impacts of ReDS in regions where the workforce has been devastated. As the incurable illness spreads to new cities and the symptoms linger, there is growing concern that ReDS Relief alone will be unable to meet the global demand for critical assistance. : GEAS volunteer greenblade is podcasting news from Atlanta: the giant Pacific-Atlantic Insurance Company announced today that it will no longer offer health care packages to employers with offices in the ReDS zone. Pacific-Atlantic cites the costly long-term debilitation suffered by ReDS victims, which has already led to the collapse of local health insurers in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana. GEAS volunteer Okalu Samu is blogging from the Kenyan coast city of Mombasa where private armed forces have flooded the city. These mercenaries are allegedly funded by the Saudis and are trying to quarantine the Nubian ethnic community. Politicians are chalking it up to the same old “tribal conflict.” But other GEAS volunteers have reported similar events unfolding in New Orleans and Marseille. : GEAS volunteer Elfrieda reports that the Russian anti-ReDS bacteriophage Mybo4 has unexpectedly turned up in Pakistan. Mybo4, one of the only known viruses capable of infecting and killing the bacteria that cause Respiratory Distress Syndrome, was developed last year by two Russian teens using a cheap Do-it-yourself biology toolkit. The Russian government arrested them when they started distributing it through open-source channels. Russian officials cited the dangers of unlicensed reproduction of any virus, but open-source scientists claim the Russians really want to own the virus.

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Posted by: superstructcreators on Sep 26, 2008

In 2019. Respiratory Distress Syndrome is here, and it's not going anywhere. Outbreaks are just something we live with.

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