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Jacque Fresco | The Venus Project | 2009 London Lecture 1/6

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The Venus Project - UK Lecture - 3rd October 2009 [Applause] -Okay Welcome again everyone, in for a special day today. We're really lucky to have a couple of amazing people here. I'd just like you to welcome Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows from the Venus Project. -To those of you back there, do you hear me alright? Ok. I just want to tell you a little bit about the requirements, that we requiere of you. Not to be polite. If there's anything that you don't understand, ask the question. Try to tighten your answers, in other words, to give other the people the chance to talk. Don't come off with long winded discussions, just pin point your problems on the things you want to know. Being polite would be offensive to me, so I want you to... If I say anything you don't understand say "I don't get it." Don't say "That's nice" you know. "I don't get it. I want more detail". If I fail to answer your questions, say "You didn't answer my question". Please do that, otherwise we can't learn from each other. So, I´m gonna tell you a little bit of what The Venus Project is. Those of you that know what it is, would you raise your hands? So I guess I don't have to tell you what it is. Essentially what The Venus Project proposes is that, we bring all the nations together, and take care of everything on Earth. We pledge allegiance to the environment and all the world´s people. The end of the seperate nations, the end of the artificial bounderies that separate people, and the sharing of all the worlds resources by all the worlds people. Anything less than that will create the same problems over and over again. If few nations control most of the earths resources, you're going have territorial disputes. You're going to have war. You're going have all the problems you've always had. That's why most people think it's human nature, they think man's basically greedy and that this is why you have problems. That is not true. I wanna say this, a banker, a serial-killer, and a gangster and a priest are made by environment. If you don't understand that, in the United States in the deep south if you were brought up there, you´ll speak with a southern accent, nothing you can do about it. If I say "Stop speaking with a Southern accent", you can't. Now if you're brought up in an uneducated region you going to have things like this, "Those damm niggers!" It's the way they speak, I´m imitating them. They say things like: "I´m goin' get me a nigger an' I´m goin' kick his ass!" Our environement expresions, facial movements are picked up by the environment. It's not human behavior, it's the environment we come from which generates behavior. Now, if you're brought up in Italy you'd say "Come ona eat, it's a gooda food!" Now that is not... that's the way you would speak if you were brought up there. "Vive la France!", "Deutchland über alles!", "Germany above all." Now, we are victims of culture, all of us. That´s why we have a distorted view. We believe that some people are good, some are bad, some are creative, some are less creative. All that's bunk! Everyone can be creative! Now they tell you in your schools that plants grow, that's a lie. They need water, sunshine, soil, moisture, gravity, all those things. Without them the plant doesn't move. They tell you that sailboats sail. They don't sail, they're acted upon by the wind. There is nothing in the earth today that is not acted upon by resident forces. Meaning, the way you think, the way you move your facial expressions, girls behave differently than men. Not because they are women. Because, if a normal boy is brought up by six women, very effeminite women, and they say "Oh did I see a gorgeous hat!" That boy will speak just that way. And if you are brought up in france, you'll speak with a french accent or french english accent. If you live in France ten years, you move to Germany and live there ten years, you speak with german french accent. Not a thing you can do about it. So, your facial expressions and your language, were designed hundred of years ago. That's why we can't talk to each other, we talk AT one another, not TO one another. Now, a lot of people don't understand that. So I'll say that the bible, when you read it, he says "Jesus, he meant this", He says "On no, he meant that". And the third person says "Both wrong!" That's why you have the seventh day adventists, the catholics, the presbyterians, because the bible is subject to interpretation. All our languages are loused up, it's subject to interpretation. Except chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering is not subject to interpretation. When engineers talk to each other, they talk of the tensal strength, compression strength, torsional strength. So the language is not subject to interpretation. And if you take a blue print of an automobile, from America, and bring it to Japan, They turn out the same product, not subject to interpretation. So it appears that most of the language of science and technology is not subject to interpretation. When you talk to somebody, I say "I think this is what he means". And it goes through the head and it comes out different. He says "That's not what I meant!" Of course you are going to have trouble. A lawyer is a guy that takes language, twists it around, to anyway he wants to. If he's skilled at it he can knock you out and put you in jail. A lawyer would be considered a criminal in the future. So would all bankers, and all businessman, and all politicians. Don't forget, you're brought up to believe that King Solomon was a great guy, he had a thousand wives. He'd be arrested today as a bigamist. So, all the things that you're taught, they teach you to fit in with this culture. All civilizations are established, and they're established on the bases that kept those in power, in power. So they still run the show. Now, I am not saying they're good or bad, they've been conditioned, it seems normal to them. So if you were raised by the head hunters of the Amazon as a baby, and I went to you and said; "Doesn't it bother you to have 10 shrunken heads?" He says "Yes! My brother has twenty!" Is he bad? No, that's the way he was brought up. So you see, there's no such thing as thinking things over, you think within the context of the way you were brougt up. If you ask an eskimo "What do you want? You can have anything you want". He can´t say a stainless steel airconditioner, it is not within his environment. So it's very hard for so called "normal" people to step outside of the environment. If you ask an eskimo, "Do you ever dream of walking on a palm fringed beach with coconouts and sunshine?" He says "I don't know what you're talking about". He's not a bad guy. Now in the early days in the Roman empire, I am told that they used to feed christians to the lions. But first they would starve the lions to make a better show. Then they'd take the clothes off the christians so it'd be easier for the lions to tear them to pieces. Now the family would come saturday and sunday to see christians being fed to the lions. And the kids would say; "Daddy can we come next week to see christians being fed to the lions?" Daddy would say "If you behave yourselves". Now are these kids sick? No, they're normal to that culture. The nazis, "Heil Hitler!", are normal to that culture. There are no good or bad people, there are no corrupt people or dishonest people, creative people, lazy people. All that's bunk! If you're raised in a sane society...

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Jacque Fresco | The Venus Project | 2009 London Lecture 1/6

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