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Hello, my name is Arnau I’m 21 and I upload videos on Youtube I’m Júlia Medina, I’m 18 years old and I play the violin I’m Dani, I’m 23, and I play the ukelele. I started when I was 5 playing Chelo and I learnt guitar when I was 10 I started playing when I was 6 years old and I started playing in “Escola de Música d’Igualada” and I studied musical language and violin I started last year I think yes, last year I bought my ukulele and I started playing One year ago I uploaded my first video and now I have 15 videos No I don’t have a Youtube channel and I am not thinking of having one I started uploading videos on Youtube on 2010 I have a lot of Yutube channels I have a dance Youtube channel I have a music youtube channel I have a channel of my life, and this is all Because I think is the most popular social network for musicians and is the best way to promote yourself and show everyone your music I think that youtube is the platform that it’s more expanded in the world I think we live in a world where all the music hits are in English but even thought I sing whatever I like I upload the videos I like the songs I like I played it and most of them are in English because most of the songs are in English I think yes but in my case I don’t upload videos in English in my case, I don’t know but I think that English is a language that a lot of people talk and listen I upload the videos in catalan I started in Spanish but my actual youtube channel is more personal and I think that in catalan is more easy for me No I only use youtube and social networks like instagram, facebook, twitter and that’s all I share my videos on facebook for my friends, my family, and I don’t know No I don’t have another website to promote my music

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Posted by: duniaqf on Jan 25, 2016


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