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Hospitality in Ingushetia

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One more example of settled impression I took a flight with Maksim Shevchenko to Caucasia in the mid 2000s Once we arrive in Caucasia, they meet us with cognac, vodka, sturgeon Where ever we went Dagestan, Karachay-Cherkessia, North Ossetia With us we have a huge group of Russian and European journalists They are delighted with the hospitality in the Caucasus We arrive in Ingushetia and they meet us with severe facial expressions Salam Aleykum, Va Aleykum Salam, they put us in a car and off we go to Dzheyrakh (Armkhi) I walk in And I see laid tables full of food I take a seat at the edge of the table according to the traditions Further away from the alcohol Infront of me my close Ingush friend takes a seat, won´t name any names I look around and there is no sight of alcohol, on a day off, the delegation of russians and europeans arrive and there is no alcohol I ask my Ingush friend "where is the alcohol ?" I say what kind of direspect is this towards the guests He says We have been working for years to make this a shame in our society Yes, some still drink at home But today, to drink in public places Even infront of guests from the big Russia, is a shame It is not worthy in the name of Ingush, Highlander Muslim Ingush youth, youth with an eduction After the collapse of the Soviet Union The islamic education was able to achieve this Was able to achieve to a great extent I could be wrong according to you But I feel like in Ingushetia there has not been any opposition to the younger nor elder generation in the religious sphere Even if the younger generation did not agree with the elders, they were not able to argue against them Like they do in Dagestan or other republics And poke with their fingers and claim that they are wrong It might have happened in Ingushetia but it was not common The gap between the generations was smaller, as i imagine And possibly the exchange of the communication Maybe the experience of the elders on the knowledge of the younger developed better in Ingushetia This is a good example for all of us For Tatarstan, Central Asia, Dagestan and other republics It is a really good example and it needs to be replicated But no one knows this The problem of Ingushetia is the closeness of the information field You are not existing in the information field in Russia and the world So you don`t exist According to the laws of modern society You must replicate, distribute The models which you have implemented in your republic The behaviour, standards, your accomplishments. You must in a good literate Russian language, introduce the cultural sphere And all of the Ingush pages on instagram exist for ingush people only Most of these pages are followed by ingush people because of their love and patriotic feeling towards their nation But you do not share the information in your social media with people outside Ingushetia You don´t share your culture and your society with the outside world

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