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Moving On

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When I took this place on, me marriage was ok, well, I thought it was. Nice brand new 3 bedroomed house, most things we wanted. Would have liked a bigger garden but you can't have everything. But everything was good, new, easy to run. I thought yeah, we'll have a bit of this. Moved in, a bit further down the line, things didn't go too well with the marriage. And now I'm sitting in a 3 bedroomed house, rattling round, using only one bedroom and the kitchen basically to live in. So I thought, time to do 2 things, 1, put me marriage behind me, move on. 2, get myself a new place. which luckily enough, I've been able to secure. I'll miss this little place, I like it, I'm just happy cause there's a couple coming into it. Apparently they've got a young child, so that'll be good. It's funny packing up all your own stuff, it's something I've never had to do before. Normally, my ex-wife, we were together nearly 20 years, so whenever we moved, she's done all the packing and the admin side of it and I was the humper and lifter and organised all the transport in getting it from A to B. But now I've got the headache of doing everything myself, which hasn't been too bad actually cause I started a few weeks ago. I think I've got it under control now, gonna make a good start next Monday. A few of the bits are going over the weekend. Jenny's been down, we've split a few things and she's gonna take a few more that are surplus to requirements for me. Funny though looking round, if you go upstairs in a minute you'll see everything in boxes and there's boxes over there. Dunno, funny. I suppose soon there'll be a knock at the door with a big box and he'll cart me out as well. But that's another story. But, no, it's been good. Had some good times in this little place. Like I say, the new place, everyone that's seen it has said it's something else. It'll be another page in the book so, looking forward to going. I expected to stay here a bit longer, I expected to still be with Jen, but that's behind me now. So I started looking a couple of months back for new places. I've always liked my own front door and back door and I was struggling, with a couple of new places I'd seen, sharing hallways, upstairs and... converted houses. I was lucky enough for someone to put me onto something completely different where I've got complete access myself, don't share with nobody - I haven't even got a neighbour behind the party wall it's that good. So that seemed to take the....errr...once I got my head round that I'm going to have this place, I started getting my act together, getting into gear to get it all tidied up, cause the builders had been in, putting a bit of elbow grease into it to get it ready to move in. This place, itself and I thought, yeah, I got the feeling then, it is time to move on. Normally,when you see somewhere, you think, should I shouldn't I, and if you think, should I shouldn't I, you shouldn't - in my estimation cause there's a doubt, but when I seen this other place, in thought yes! So that was it the, things went into gear, rang me landlord up, put me 2 months notice in, and that's it. I'm on me way.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 35 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Director: Tim Brunsden
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Posted by: mrjonesy on Dec 12, 2009

A Liverpool man's tale of life after divorce.

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