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2743 YLH Hip exercises you can do on a bed

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For those of you due to have your hip replaced, exercising your hip both before, and as soon as possible after your operation, is an important element in helping you to recover quickly. This will mean exercising on their bed and here are some hip exercises you can do to make your muscles stronger and help your flexibility. Please start your exercises from today. In the Static Quads exercise, start by sitting with your legs out straight. Press the backs of your knees onto the bed as firmly as possible to tense your thigh muscles. Hold for two to three seconds and then relax. To do the Static Gluts exercise you need sit on the bed again with your legs out straight and tighten the muscles in your buttocks by clenching them together. Hold for two to three seconds and then relax. The Hip Flexion exercise is a bit harder and you need to slide your heel of your affected leg towards your bottom, bending your knee up towards your chest. This will exercise your hip, but it is important that you don’t bend it past the 90 degree right angle which is shown here. Then slide your heel back down and fully straighten your knee. Lastly, in the Hip Abduction exercise, sit with your legs out straight and point your toes at the ceiling. Keeping your knee straight, move the operated leg away from the middle of your body until you feel a gentle stretch. Bring your leg back to the middle. Remember, it’s really important that your leg doesn’t go past the mid-line of your body. Please do 10 repetitions at a time, and every three to four hours that you are awake. If any of the exercises increase your pain, stop and ask for guidance.

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Posted by: richardwh on Jun 16, 2015

2743 YLH Hip exercises you can do on a bed

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