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BDD interview_1

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What is your name? My name is Reynaldo Rosales. And where did you take the computer class? I have been taking the computer classes at Branciforte in Santa Cruz How many classes have you taken? 5 classes and I was able to complete them! What have you learned from the classes or how have they helped you? They have helped me tremendously apart from it being something else that I do in the house I can broaden what I've learned at home and practice what I've been taught. What are they teaching in the classes? For example I have learned how to create an email, how to communicate with my son's school, he get's bothered because now I can access his grades. and now I now how to correct this so that he may continue to grow because he want to go to college and for that you need good grades. Would you recommend this class to others? Yes! I'm going to do the same connections with my coworkers Overhearing a conversation I asked my coworker if he could give me more information about the classes and he did it he gave me the information. and I like to accomplish things thats why I took the 5 classes and I want to learn more. Thank you Mr. Reynaldo, one more question... Why do you think that computers and having access to internet is important for the Latina/o community? It's very important, just recently I heard a saying, "If you are not learning, you are not living" And we need to learn more because our children are learning more It's supposed to be that the parents teach the children, not the other way around. and I don't want to deny that my children teach me but I like to to compete If they had a question I want to have the answer for them as a parent. Thank you Mr. Reynaldo! You're welcome! I'd like to add a bit more, I am very surprised with the patience of our teacher Leslie, of Crystal and all of the volunteers that would come from the university I honestly am surprised and when someone treats you like that Well one returns and I will be returning!

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BDD interview_1

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