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Primary Digital Portfolios

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Hi. Welcome to primary digital portfolios. My name is Kathy Cassidy and I'm a Grade One Teacher in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Today you are going to hear from two of my present students and two of my former students who were in my classroom just three months ago. as they reflect on their experiences using digital portfolios. Before they do I want to mention a couple of things. First of all in my classroom we use our classroom blog as our digital portfolio. The students began posting things on the blog in the first or second week of the school.. and continue to do so through the entire school year. They post writing, and they post images and other things that help to shock as what they have been learning. They use these portfolios to show their parents at parent teacher student conferences what they've been learning. Also I want to mention that I've created a Wiki to go long with this presentation. It contains links to the four portfolios from the four student presenters.. and two of all can be used by primary students for creating digital portfolios. It also contains links to tools that I've found useful for helping primary students to show in case they're learning. There is also a section with further professional reading for teachers . The link for this Wiki will be at the end of the presentation. Now I hope you will enjoy my four students as they present to you primary digital porfolios. Hi I'm Carson. I'm 7 years old. My name is Sabrina and I'm 5 years old. My name is Braeden. I'm 6 years old. My name is Dalton. I'm 7 years old. A portfolio is a ... work they do on your blog. Something is very good that you put on your blog. Portfolios our the best works. my portfolio is on my blog. It shows our works you just start to write stuffs and it shows how better you get... when you get higher grades. It shows not just writing. It shows pictures and it shows like videos and stuffs that you get in how much better... you've got throughout the past and you can see them as much as you want and then you'll be surprised how good you are you can know and not know before to show people that you can create well and then and.. umh.. you got and it shows your best work.. and then if you wanna get good job and people could hire you.. and it will be better receive being raising for money and stuff than nothing.

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Posted by: k12online on Oct 3, 2010

Four of Kathy Cassidy's five - seven year old students reflect about their use of digital portfolios.

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