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Gorki habla sobre Paz Sin Fronteras Cuba

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What's his name? Look, I have a joke about Juanes. I'm going to tell it to you. Huh... you know that Juanes has a song named "la camisa negra" [the black shirt]. OK? Well, we were chatting with a friend speaking about the song, right? And then we started laughing. And we concluded that Juanes is now in a "eleven varas shirt" [meaning big trouble]. Did you get it? When he got into this. It is really a problem for Juanes. And me? Well, I'd tell Juanes, my brother that I'd should be able to perform because I also have a black shirt, look. You see? And besides, look... Mine says "G2". Mine is even more in tune with the place where he's going to perform. "G2" and here it says, look, "10-CI" "Villa Marista" [Famous Cuban detention center] "G2": state security and "10-CI" Ok, so I have a black shirt too. Everyone has a black shirt. I want to perform too. Why won't they let me perform at the Plaza? One thing we would do, in the first place, would be to play "El Comandante" and, after that, "El General" "El General" says something like this. It says... ♪ "Finally the general became a commander" ♪ No, but the good part is this. ♪ "People are cheerful, people are happy" ♪ I can't even remember the lyrics of "El General" because I don't have my guitar with me. But well, seriously speaking now. I don't... I don't care if Juanes performs. I actually support that Juanes, or John Doe or anyone that would like to perform on the island could do it. I think that these types of concerts are needed in Cuba. We need that several artists from different parts of the world could go to the island and perform. I mean, we strive for this kind of stuff. I think that the only people that go to the island right now... are artists that sing "tralalá" [hot air] like Air Supply or those who agree with communism, like, well... these guys... Audioslave and those kinds of groups. But well, as I was saying, I think that if you go and sing in those places and you name that concert something like "Paz Sin Fronteras" [Peace without Borders] and... well, you don't talk about liberty huh... then I think that it is not coherent, and even naive to do a concert like that with support from the Cuban government. I mean, the cuban government will always manipulate it to its favor. That's totally clear to me. I mean, whenever someone goes to perform to Cuba and the State is the sponsor of course it's going to be manipulated on their favor. I think it is totally naive to do it that way and... as I was saying... I mean let me round up my idea. Speaking about peace, without freedom is not coherent. And I think that he's not going to be able to speak during that concert because he's sponsored by the Cuban government of all the things that the lack of liberty and the lack of peace in Cuba make, which is something everyone knows. Everyone knows about it. No one is naive as regards to that issue. I mean, Fidelism, Castrism has messed up with that country for over 50 years. And I think it's time for the Castro brothers to pass the microphone because this occasional duet has been for years singing with the same microphone. And not only that, but their discography is so extense that I think that this duet this artistic, occasional duet that we have on the island called "the Castro brothers" must stop performing, gentlemen. It's over, over. Awww... how peaceful. And now I want to make an announcement. As everyone knows, I'm here in Mexico and one of the things I could do while in Mexico is huh... well... configure with the help of some friends the band's new web site, and we are selling through that same web site, Porno para Ricardo's last CD called... well, "Porno para Ricardo" but because we designed the cover totally in red to mock on these "color CDs" that other groups have like... like... The Beatles "white CD" or, I don't know... someone's "black CD". Well.. our CD is called "the red CD" and we also added the word "faded" because the texture resembles a worn out piece of cloth. The intention was to imply the decadence of all the verbosity of the Cuban communist ideology and all that. The CD is really good. Those who don't buy it are terrible communists. My friend, cutting to the chase. Buy the CD, that is really sweet. Super cheap. It's on our website. You click on the button and you get the CD. Sweet and cheap. For the content, something like 18 songs... it's super cheap, so buy it!

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Posted by: pazsinfronteras on Aug 27, 2009

Paz Sin Fronteras: Cuba. 20 de Septiembre de 2009.

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