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Proyecte Angles

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Hi! This is my program Villaexcuse program and I am the boss, yes, I am the boss of all the things that you can see in this space sure? of course I am I wouldn’t be sure of it why do you say that? Because now is our program so you have to work for us So, good night and welcome to our program. And now the first interview of the night come on Carol! micro please good night hello carol what are you going to tell us today? you are going to see and interesting interview. Hi guys I’ waiting for Hairens one of the most famous heavy singer in this neighborhood she lives in this house and we are going to speak with she come on Hi girl! sorry? do you thing that you are cool or what? Ok we continue Is it true that you love classical music and you listen to it in your free time? No, of course it isn’ t true How can you say that? Because everybody say that you hide Cds that I hide cds? where? there! Ok I will recognize it but please don’ t say to my fans no, no don’ t worry is a privated conversation so... what do you want? my fans are waiting for me. only one more question they said that your bedroom is pink is it true? because if it is true your are going to disappoint your fans and friends of course it isn’ t true how can you say that? because before you said the same words and after it was false ok what do you want ? do you want to ruin my career? No, no I only want more audience in my program Ok I will recognize it but my music is the best! yes, yes... so so thank you for you interview and goodbye bye Thank you very much carol for your interesting interview your welcome, bye goodbye Carol, goodbye Ok and now, now is my turn I’ m going to speak with victor hi victor hello Irene hello take the micro please, take the micro victor I have a surprise for you for me? yes, and you are going to see it. Hi guys! I'm here, in Hollywood, and I'm going to interview a famous actress her name is Michelle Come on! I'm going to investigate. Oh, look. She's there! Hi Michelle! Hi How are you? I'm fine. I love your program. Victor, I'm waiting for your call phone. I Victor? Our Victor? yes are you sure? Yes. We spent a fantastic night, together. So, I think that I'm going to change the questions. Come on, tell me things about Victor! So.. One moment! What is that? No, no. This is my program so you have to ask another question Michelle, I will phone you, Don't worry be happy one moment, please Hi baby! Yes Cindy, I will phone you tomorrow. I have to work tonight. Sorry, sorry , goodbye. What is that? I thought that I was the only one. The only one? Poor girl! so, I think that I'm going to continue with the questions. But, I've got a problem. what? That Victor has censured me so, do you want a coffee? yes Ok, come on! bye! Here! I'm again! This is the end of my program See you tomorrow. Goodbye!

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Posted by: eldelculobonito on Feb 11, 2010

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