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Acto de Igualdad Animal por el Día Internacional de los Derechos de los Animales

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♪ Mellow music begins ♪ "Help us build a more just world for everyone" "International Animal Rights Day" "Rights for animals. Enough of speciesism" Javier Moreno, spokesperson for Animal Equality: In all the farms, slaughterhouses, etc. animals are totally exploited, the situation is indescribable, and so, due to this exploitation, many of these animals, when they get sick, they kill them directly, or they can't withstand the exploitation, they throw them in dumpsters... So they are invisible victims which we have taken from these places of exploitation, and we are bringing here to Puerta del Sol, to show these victims to society. ♪ Music ends ♪ Sharon Núñez, founder of Animal Equality: As you know, we are commemorating... International Animal Rights Day, which is celebrated next Monday, December 10. Many of these animals, as you well know, have come from the dumpsters of farms, slaughterhouses, and other centers of animal exploitation, but today, I want to send out to you a message of hope... Hope, because you are part of a strong and new social movement, a completely revolutionary social movement, that wants justice for the most defenseless, for other animals. Hope, because hearts like yours will be the ones which will bring the revolution of animal rights to the world. Hope, because the activism of the people who are here today, courageous enough to hold one of the victims which you defend, will be able to change history. Thanks a lot to all of you for being here. Please think about something positive. I know it is very very hard. But fill your hearts with hope... and while you are holding these poor victims, think of the world in which you want to live, and fight for it. I ask you please to fight for it, not just today, but for the rest of your life. Javier: By ending their consumption of animal products, by not wearing furs, by no longer going to shows in which animals are exploited, like circuses, zoos, every citizen can say, loud and clear, "NO to animal exploitation", can show solidarity with animals, and in fact more people every day, as they become aware of the horror which is taking place in all these places, show solidarity with animals and decide to stop participating in their exploitation. We also want, above all, for your attention to be focused on the victims they are holding. This is an event in which we are completely quiet, silent, and it is a moment in which we want society to see these animals we are holding right now, animals who have suffered the bullets of hunters... animals, like pigs who, due to the exploitation which they are subjected to, can't even stand it, and they are thrown in a dumpster, or killed... Animals like hens, for instance, enduring indescribable suffering in farms... And, at this moment, we want society to look at these animals, and to think, even if only for one second, about the indescribable suffering and horror which all these animals are enduring right now... even right now, while we carry out this protest, and not just here, but all around the world. Sharon: A dog we found, run over in a road, chickens, pigs, and other animals found in dumpsters, outside farms and slaughterhouses... in these terrible places where all these animals come from. All of these animals – each one of them – matters. This is the message we want to send out on International Animal Rights Day, a day which coincides with International Human Rights Day, because we consider that the values of justice and equality in which we believe must not have the species barrier as a limit. All and each one of these animals wanted to live, and all and each of these animals could not do it, because their lives were taken from them. But, on top of this, all and each one of the activists who are here today want a different world, a world in which theses values of justice and equality become a reality, and in which they include, and not exclude... in which animals are represented. ♪ Mellow music begins ♪ Thanks to all of you who are here. In 5 minutes, we will conclude. (Applause) ... before they take this poor animal you are holding... that you look at him/her, that you make a commitment to him/her, that you will dedicate part of your time to fight so that there won't be any more victims like him/her. Promise to these animals that you will dedicate a part of your lives to fight for them, because you will never know what happened to these animals... maybe they died of bruises, or were stepped on, in a farm, or maybe they were still conscious while they were being killed, or they were run over by a car in a road, and abandoned by the side of the road. Please promise to these animals, I ask you from my heart, that you will dedicate a part of your life to fight for them... It's a small commitment, but I think that they don't deserve less. Not them, who are now dead, but all the ones which will come after them, for whom we can do something today, not just having a vegan lifestyle, but also being activists for animal rights... It doesn't have to be in Animal Equality, it can be done individually, or within other groups or collectives, or in the 4 sanctuaries which exist in Spain. ♪ Mellow music begins ♪ But please, look at these animals, and make the promise to them that this day will mean something for them. (We hear some activists weep) ♪ Dramatic and heartfelt musical section... ♪ (We hear the activists weep as they hug) ♪ Music ends ♪ (Ambient sound: laughter and tears, honks and alarms)

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8 de diciembre, 2012, Puerta del Sol, Madrid. Igualdad Animal conmemoró el Día Internacional de los Derechos Animales con este acto. Por favor contribuya a la traducción de este vídeo a otros idiomas, y serán añadidos a . Gracias. Download @

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December 8, 2012, Puerta del Sol, Madrid. Animal Equality honored International Animal Rights Day with this event. Please help translate this video to other languages, and they will be incorporated to . Download @

Video by Sergio Tarrero for Animal Equality

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