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Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi addressing to a huge gathering in Lahore 7 of 7

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There are some such people who are outwardly also spoiled, inwardly also spoiled. . Even though they say that “we're the lover of the Prophet [PBUH]”. They neither offer prayers nor keep fast apparently; not their hearts chant Allah-Allah. They are not on the straight path; no matter whichever the sect they belong to. There are some such people who are outwardly pious but inwardly spoiled. They are our worshippers (Abid) and pious (zahid) people; many of scholars also. If that would have been the straight path, then, why would 72 sects exist? These scholars and worshippers made all the sects; isn't it? This is also not the straight path. Third type is of people those people who are outwardly spoiled and inwardly chanting Allah-Allah. Apparently neither offer prayers nor keep fast but their hearts are doing Allah Allah. They are our Majzoob (the one absorbed in Divine Meditation). That is justified for them; they got mad in the path of Allah and there is no law for the Mads. But the one who imitate becomes the heretics. If one get heretic by imitate those that is also not a straight path. Then, what is the straight path? Outwardly should be correct and inwardly should also be correct. There should be some prayers and fasting apparently and the Inner self also do some Allah-Allah. This is the straight path. From anywhere it may be achieved. Every person says that “Allah is kind upon me”. Upon asking everyone: how are you? He/she reply “Allah’s blessings are upon me”. Why? “I have car, a big house if this is not blessing then what is this”? And upon from asking second person that how are you? He/she reply “Allah’s blessings are upon me”. ” Why? “Despite being in old age, I am still healthy if this is not blessing then what is this”? This is what people say, isn't it? We say that if you consider this a blessing, then the infidels have all these things. Whatever is given to infidels; the same is given to you, then what is the blessing upon you? If you really want to see His blessing, indulge yourself in His Zikar. . If within two, four, five or six days, Allah Allah starts within you then you are bestowed with His blessing. "Fazko'Runi Az'koro'kum --- Remember Me and I will remember you". If even in spite of trying, Allah-Allah does not start; then there is no blessing of Him upon you. If there were blessings upon you, then He would have included you among those who remember Him. After once Allah-Allah started; then He bestows car, big house or good health then these are blessings. Now there is no Bait and/or gifts and oblations for this. What methods is told to you; act upon this --- get permission --- --- if Allah-Allah starts --- do pray for me --- if it does not start then what have you lost? As you are, the same you will be. You'll at least get the reward of Allah-Allah which you will chant five, seven days. One Caucasian/foreigner asked a question in Gujranwala. He said that “I'll become a Muslim, with one condition only I'll quit alcohol too, I will also offer prayers, and even I'll offer the Tahajjad (midnight) prayer. I'll do whatever you'll ask me to do. But your scholars say that "there is no guarantee even then that you'll go into either Hell or paradise”. He started saying that; “if there is no guarantee in any religion then that is weak. Then how I should enter to this religion?” And really, all of you who are sitting here; no one gives the guarantee. But the religion Islam is a guarantee indeed. Not in years, not in months, in days it will be known that 'who you are'? If Allah-Allah gets started inside you. Allah-Allah will not start neither with your deeds nor with your struggle. It will start by the grace of Allah. When Allah-Allah will begin within you; then, it is a guarantee indeed. When pilgrim (haj) is accepted by Allah; his sins are forgiven. But when someone’s heart starts with Allah-Allah then his all the previous sins are being forgiven. This does not happen with practice or struggle but with the will of Allah. For that take the permission of zikr (heart Meditation) and try your luck. Make an announcement those who wish to take this Zikr (heart Meditation); come ahead.

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Posted by: theallfaith on Feb 1, 2010

His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi delivering a lecture to a huge gathering in Lahore (Mochi Gate).

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