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Covent Garden

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Ok, so we're doing some magic in Covent Garden. Come follow me, come on! Most magicians ask you to "pick a card, pick a card", ok? I'm going to get you just to think of one ok? So just say "Stop" anytime. Stop. Remember that one? -Yep -Ok so make it very bight and vivid in your mind ok? so if it's a red card make it really, really red and if it's a black card make it really, really black, ok? Just hold out your hands for me. Just like this, and put your other hand just on top. Excellent! Now everyone thinks magic's all about slight of hand, right? So if I put the cards in your hand then there's nothing I can do with those, right? I guess, no. Perfect, so just really think of your card and imagine it like on a cinema screen. Ok? I got it. So, this is a red card, right? Yep Yep, and just picture the suit and make the suit really really big as well say it in your mind over and over and over again, er, "diamonds, diamonds, diamonds", yes? Yes, it's diamonds. And your card is the: Queen of Diamonds, yes? True. And the think is roughly in the pack, where did you say "Stop"? Sorry? Roughly in the pack, where did you say "Stop"? Roughly half way maybe 40%. So bearing in mind the cards have been in your hand The whole time Would you be surprised if it was on top? Show everyone, show everyone. It's on top. Pick a card, that one, just have a look at that. And you can show the camera as well. Wonderful, so we're going to place your card roughly half way down. You can see that right? Most magicians won't let you see around the back but I'll let you see all the way around. Watch! If I click my fingers, just like that, the card jumps to the top. Here's the thing. Push it in for me. And then you hold out your hands So now the cards are in your hands again, nothing I can do with those. -No but look, it's back on top. So what I'll do, I'll just place it just there, ok? Johan? Yep? Can you just push that in for me? Here's what I'll do. i'm going to leave it face up just in case you think i'm using more than one, ok? So watch! Thing is guys, sometimes what you think you see isn't really what you see and that really is the true beauty and wonder of magic. Can you just take hold of my wallet? Just open up my wallet, you'll see a zip in there Reach in on the left hand side and take out the card that's in there should be your Queen of Hearts You could have picked any card right? Yeah, I could See that piece of paper just there? So, i'm going to get the whole pack of cards to vanish. Ready, watch! Did you see it go? Watch, just like this . . . Queen of Hearts, you could'a chosen any card. Right, your cards red, yes? Yes. Just hold this for me. Yep, so it's in your hand You can hold it however you want Just really think of your card. So this is a red card and just picture it on say a cinema screen and picture the suit, and make that really bright and say it in your mind, over and over and over again. So like: hearts, hearts, hearts, hearts - its a hearts right? And just think of the number. Now, roughly in the pack did you say stop, say half way? Yeah I guess so. The cards have been in your hand so would you be impressed if your 3 of Hearts was right on top? Yeah Show the camera So you have the Ace of Spades there Just make sure that is the Ace of Spades, you're happy with that. Perfect. Now just hold it in your fingers like this I have the Ace of Clubs I'm going to show you how to switch a card Ok, so it looks like this So you pinch and grab Pinch and grab Pinch and grab, ok? So I'm going to do this faster. So you've got Clubs, I've got Spades. Hold Clubs really tight. This time, don't let me get to it ok? So if I do that, have I switched it? Without looking No -No How about now? How about now? Ok take hold of both of them Which one was the Spade? Without looking. The bottom, but knowing I'm a magician would you now say it's on top? No No, Ok watch this. Just like this, hold those 2 really tight Pick a card and show the camera Watch What was the name of your card? 3 of Clubs? Have a look, is that your card?

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