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NFB: Gmail signup

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Narrator: The following video is produced by the National Federation of the Blind - International Braille and Technology Center and is designed as a demonstration for inaccessibility issues encountered when using Google Apps and Gmail. This particular video is focusing on the Gmail signup process and some of the accessibility barriers encountered by blind users using non visual screen access technology. On this page, right now, we are currently focused in the edit field to begin the signup process for a gmail account. Screen reader: First name, colon, edit. Narrator: And we'll start filling out this form. Screen reader: N F B tab. Last name, colon edit. Typing text. I B T C. Tab. Desired login name, colon edit. Typing text. Narrator: Now we get to the desired login name. And we'll try using NFB_IBTC. Screen reader: N F B underline I BT C. Tab. Check availability button. To activate, press space bar. Narrator: I've tabbed over to the "check availability" button and I'm told how to activate it. Screen reader: Enter. Narrator: I activate the button. Visually, you can see that text has changed on the screen, including an error message that tells me that I can't use an underscore in a user name. But none of that text was automatically read to the screen access product. So without manually moving around the page, with the arrow keys, a blind user won't know that for instance, whether the user name is available or whether there has been an error, such as using the underscore. Screen reader: Check avail... Narrator: Now, if I use my up arrow Screen reader: Sorry, only letters left paren a dash z right paren. Numbers left paren 0 dash 9 right paren and periods left paren right paren are allowed. Narrator: I can find an error message, but I'm not going to intuitively know that that error message is going to be there. That's information that can be and should automatically be read to a screen access product, once that button is clicked. Screen reader: Shift Tab. Desired login name. Enter. Narrator: So we'll go back here and change our underscore to a period Screen reader: N F B underline underline period. Tab. Check availability button. To activate, press space... Narrator: Come back for a check availability button. Screen reader: Enter. Narrator: And again, visually, text has changed on the screen but we have not automatically been informed that it has changed. And let's see where our focus is. Screen reader: Choose a password colon. Narrator: So our focus has actually moved off of the button that we were just on to the text "Choose a password". and has skipped over entirely information telling us whether or not the user name is available. Screen reader: Tab. Choose a password colon password edit. Enter. Narrator: So, let's go ahead and type in our password. Screen reader: Star star star star star star star star. Tab. Read next Star star star star star star star star. Tab. Stay signed in check box checked Tab. Enable web history check box checked. Tab. Learn more link. Tab. Sets (?) shift Tab. Learn more link. Narrator: So there is a link here that says "Lean more." And when you're using a screen access product and moving through a page by using the tab key, you aren't contextually given information that a sighted user would have by visually skimming the page. So link text should be explanatory and include information about the destination of the link. So if this is taking me to, you know, a page of a privacy policy, it should say that. If it's taking me to a page on password security, it should say that. But texts such as "learn more", "click here", "read more", those aren't descriptive enough and don't tell the user their final destination. Screen reader: Tab. Set Google as my default home page. Check box checked. Clear check mark. Tab. Security question colon combo box. Choose a question. What is the name of your best friend from childhood? What was the name of your first teacher? What is the name of your manager at your first job? What was your first... what is the name of your... Tab. Learn more link. Narrator: Again, we have another "one more" link. Screen reader: Tab. Answer colon edit. Type in text. A N E space T tail space E tail A Y Leg E OR Narrator: these are current correctors SR: Tab recovery e-mail colon edit. Typing E S S At N B F and access at Tab. Learn more link. Tab. Location colon combo box. Ins... Tab. Birth date colon edit. Typing text. Narrator: And..Screen reader: 1 / 1 / 1 9 9 0. Tab. Type the characters you see or numbers you hear. Edit. Type in text. Narrator: Now, we're into a CAPTCHA field. This is a test to verify that we are in fact human and not an automated robot. Screen reader: Tab. Listen and type the numbers you hear. Link. Narrator: And Google does offer an option to listen and type numbers rather than having to use a visual. This can be challenging for some users, because of the fact that they distort the audio in the background. and we'll demonstrate that. SR: Enter. Listen Edit. [Numbers being heard over noisy background] Narrator: Now you can hear in there, there were a lot of numbers that could have potentially been numbers and... SR: Home Narrator: may or may not have been. Some of them are clearly numbers, and others were pretty questionable. Screen Reader: Edit 627. Narrator: And I can almost guarantee that we did not do this correctly because that seemed way too short. SR: Tab. Listen and type the number... Tab. For more help with screen readers, click Tab. Learn More link. Tab. Printable version link. Tab. Read only edit Read only. Google Terms of Service. Tab. Terms of Service link. Tab. Program Policy link. Tab. Privacy policy link. Tab. I accept. Create my account. Button. Enter. Add or change home page dialog. Would you like to use the following as your home page? Add this web number add this w.. Enter. Page has 1 heading and 16 links. Change language colon change language colon. Combo box English heading Create. Your Google account gives you access to Gm.. link does other Google services If you already have a Goog... link ........ Table with... To get started with link. First name. colon. Edit NFB. Narrator: Now, we've been brought back to the same... SR: Last name... Narrator:, and I'm guessing from the fact we are back at this form that there were in fact errors. And let's see if there is a quick way to find them. So I'm going to go to the top of the page and try to navigate by heading. SR: Create an account heading level 3. Wrapping to top. Create an account heading level 3. Narrator: And the only heading that we have on this page is to create an account, though normally headings are used to organize the page, and ideally there would be some way or manner of identifying the master list of errors that were found on the page. Screen reader: No list found. Narrator: And we don't have anything semantically marked up as a list here. So we'll just move by form control. Screen reader: First name colon edit. NFB. Last name colon edit. IBTC. Desired login name colon edit. NFBdotIBTC. Check availability. Button. Choose a password colon password edit. Narrator: And I'm just using the controls provided by the screen access software to move by individual form elements. SR: Enter. Space, space, space. Narrator: And I think we'll have to retype our password. SR: Star, star, star, star, star, star, star, star. Tab. Re.. Star, star, star, star, star, star, star, star. Tab. Stay signed in checked virtual answer colon Recovery e-mail location. Birthday type the characters you see or type the - link edit. Link link graphic for more link graphic listen... Narrator: And we'll enter our CAPTCHA again. SR: Enter. Listen and edit. Enter. [Numbers being read with a noisy background] Screenreaderr [as narrator types]: 61122168 Once again. Enter. 1%.100%. Gmail colon Introduction. .. want google underline g introduction to Gmail Narrator: And the second time, we can assume, since we were taken to the Gmai introduction, that we have successfully created a Gmail account. So you can see there are a few challenges in the account sign up process. Most particularly in the areas of automatically notifying the user of text changes on the page, and some of the complications with that particular method of CAPTCHA, as you could hear it, my... as I was typing there was echoing back the key strokes that would mask any speech underlying any... it masked the sound of the CAPTCHA as I was typing and the characters were being echoed back by the screen access product.

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Duration: 10 minutes and 7 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: United States
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
Producer: NFB - International Braille and Technology Center
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Posted by: calmansi on Mar 23, 2011

NFB Screen Access
From "Google Accessibility Demonstration Videos" . See also NFB's March 15, 2011 press release "Adoption of Google Apps Program Discriminates Against the Blind - National Federation of the Blind Asks Department of Justice to Investigate Schools Across the Country" ©2011 All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2011 NFB Subtitled here with NFB's permission

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