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Martin Dighton for Content Hub Part 1

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You're going to be here. There you are. You have got 30 seconds to go from this, we are going to call this our pirate ship, through the sea to an island and back that scores you 1 piece of gold treasure. The challenge is to get as many as you possibly can but you've only got 30 seconds. After you've done one, off to a different one and back as quick as you can but you've got to come back each time. That would be 2 points because you've been to two islands. You can go to all four, once you've done all four, you can go to all four again and again. What's two lots of four? [Players:] Eight. Good. Go. 30 seconds 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, the red ones nice and close, that helped, quick go to another one. Have you found them all? Do you know where they all are? Good stuff. Put that on for me as you play it, extra point for that. We have three sharks, where do sharks live? In the ocean. Right. So sharks you guys are going to protect the water between the boats and the islands. If you can, you tag someone like that. If you get tagged, I'll give you a choice, if you get tagged, either you lose some your treasure, or you're stuck a bit like stuck in the mud balanced on one leg and a high five free's you again. Which do you want to do? Lose a point or be stuck? Hold on we'll do to a vote. Hands up if you want to lose a point? Hands up if you want to freeze? Right freeze it is. Reds you've got to catch as many as you can, so Reds go and get in the sea ready. Look where the sharks are stood at the moment which of the islands might you attack? [PLAYER:] The orange one. Why the orange one? Right. So before you leave any safe places like the boat or the islands I want you to look and check where the defender's are first. Got it? Now if you all go round to the orange one, what do you think the Sharks will do? [PLAYERS:] They'll come round. [COACH:] Right so what would you do? [PLAYERS:] Run to another one. [COACH: They have seen that, they've done it. So now where are we going to go? Right, we won't tell we're going to start. Ready steady go. Try and get as many as you can. Good start, like the idea of going to the space on the white one, very good. Love that little dodge. Yes. Love that. Fantastic little change of direction. Try and go back to the boat for me along the way if you can. Reds this is your challenge this time. Everybody is going to have a ball. You have three choices with the ball. You can either carry it, hold it in your hands. Pick up it. Hold it in two hands, got to be in two hands and you can run with it like that. Reds, if that's what they're doing all you've got to do is tag the ball for a point, OK. If you do that that gives you 1 piece of treasure. Also if you want, you can bounce the ball like a basketball player to the islands. If you do that that's worth 2. Or the third option is you can dribble it like Theo's doing for 3. Now Reds if they're using their hands you've got to try and tag the ball. If they're using their feet you've got to try and pinch the ball by tackling. Sharks if you get a ball and can dribble it and stop it on any of the yellow spots that's a point for you. Right so if you get tackled by a shark what would you do? [PLAYER:] Go and tackle the ball. [COACH:] So this is the match bit, it's a 1 against 1 match, a pirate versus a shark. Sharks go and get in the sea ready. Who else is ready to get a ball? Jacob go and get a ball you ready. Ready, steady, go. Sharks can you get a ball off them, can you pinch one if you can. Are you going to chase him or are you going to wait there? Watch out they might come from the other side too. Good stuff, 1 point in the bag. Well done. Come on then you've got to get back and then go off to a different one. Or try bouncing it, its up to you if you think you can OK. Good work Sharks try and protect it. Look at you two, great little battle. Oh go on, go and help him. He's got two to beat. Good work. Very nice too. So using your hands is OK but its only worth 1 point remember. Hands are only worth 1, go on try bouncing it now. Good boy, who can you get? Remember if they've got in their hands try and tag them. Well done, quick get back to safety, quick. Have you had a go at bouncing the ball yet? [PLAYER:] No [COACH:] Go on have a try. Which islands the closest, which should be the easiest one to get to,to start with? Check them all, what do you think? [PLAYER:] Red [COACH:] Go on then quick bounce it to the red one now. Have a try, good stuff. Keep going, nearly there Doesn't bounce very well on this does it. So just now when we were playing the earlier game Theo was able to hide the ball from the defender. So if I was the defender, the shark, face this way for me first. He was like that and he thought the defender was about to get it. So what did you then do, show them. Right, hid the ball. Now if he stands like that I might be to go round there. So what I'd like you to do is can you stand sideways? That's it cause now look, hold on keep your ball there, the balls a bit further away from me. And if I go round there to get the ball what would you do? Yeah he'll turn that way and if I go round that way to get the ball he'll turn that way. So can you see how he is using his body. Now what would be even better is if he did this, because that hand there can actually hold me from getting close. Now he can't foul me, he can't grab hold of me but he can use his hand to protect. So Theo go on, try and get the ball off me. So can you see I'm hiding it from him, so he can't see it. Where you gone Theo? You see my hand stopping him. Theo are you going to tackle me. Come on get me. No not quite. Not quite. And then I might be able to run away quickly. So there you go Theo, well done. If you get a problem where you think the sharks getting too close and you might lose it, can you hide it like Theo's doing there? OK. One more minute alright, play. Can you hide the ball like Theo. Theo here's your chance, hide it from him. Keep it safe. [LAUGHING] Lucas lovely idea. Now if theres no one getting you, its up to you, can either go and score some points or if you want an extra challenge go and find a Red to practice against. Now when you were hiding the ball just now and Sam was there, he got it because of what, what allowed you to get it? [PLAYER:] Because he's not hiding it. [COACH:] And actually what you did is you turned like that which showed him the ball. So if he's this side which way might you turn? Good boy. Go get him Sam. Go on you've got to get him back again. Same again. Can you protect it? Jump up quick, go on Sam, go on.

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