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How to Create D2L Email Notifications

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You can stay on top of assignments and other key dates by using the D2L notification tool. In order to set up the D2L notification tool, the first step is to expand the drop-down menu next to your name at the top right-hand corner of the D2L course screen. There are several options that will come up. To include notifications, I am going to go ahead and click on that to select. And a new window will open, offering you the opportunity to enter an email address and enable email notifications. I'm gonna click here. And you'll see that there are two options: you can use the system email, which is your official MCTC email, or you can enter a custom email address, so if you have a Google (gmail) or a Yahoo or any other type of email, you can go ahead and enter a custom email as well. For this example I'm going to go ahead and use my official MCTC email and click save. Now, you set up your email notification, you'll see that your email address will show up here on the screen and as you scroll down on this page you'll see you have a lot of different options about what type of emails you'd like to receive for your courses For example, you can get a daily summary of activity if you'd like. Or you can go ahead and get instant notifications for specific types of announcements. In my case, I went ahead and selected "Assignments," so when an assignment deadline is two days away, I get an email notification reminding me. And I also selected "Discussions," so anytime there's a new post in a forum, topic, or thread that I subscribe to, I will receive an email instant notification, so I know to come on into D2L and check my discussion posts. If you've completed selecting your options, you can go ahead and go to the very bottom of the screen and click save. And now you have completed setting up your email notifications.

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