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How To Tie A Bow Tie

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[♫ chimes] [howdini - get yourself a guru] Hi. I'm Jennifer Morris for howdini. Okay, today we're going to unlock one of life's great mysteries, and that is how to tie a bow tie. I'm sure it's something you would all like to know, because I would, so helping us is Brett Fahlgren, who is the style correspondent for GQ Magazine. Okay, Brett, take me through this. Bow tie--tying a bow tie is not as hard as it looks. So the first step is to simply tie it up like this. Okay? That's exactly what you should look like after the first move. Put that up there; rest it on your shoulder. And this is when the bow tie is really going to start to take shape. You just grab it and you pull it across like that. [Brett Fahlgren, Style Correspondent, GQ Magazine] And there it is. That's going to be the front of the bow tie. This is an exciting moment. And the next step is to take the back part and pull it in the front like that. And that's really what's going to hold it in place. This is the tricky part. With your finger, you need to reach back behind and find-- there's a hole back there. And that's where the back part of the bow tie is going to go through. They key thing to remember is you're not going to feed it through with this end, because there won't be any tension on the knot. You're actually going to pick the closest part and just push it through the hole. [Jennifer Morris - howdini] There's the key to the bow tie. [Brett Fahlgren] And it starts to really fall apart, but don't be worried. [Jennifer Morris] Okay, I did. I got a little worried. [Brett Fahlgren] You got a little worried. [Jennifer Morris] I'm sure you did too. [laughter] [Brett Fahlgren] And now here, in the back, you want to adjust it and make it look nice and flat, as much as you can, like this. Okay. It's going to go like this, and then put down and towards the front. And then you pull it nice and tight. Like this. And there you have a bow tie. [Jennifer Morris] A beautiful bow tie. Let me fix your collar now. [Brett Fahlgren] Now the key to remember here is it doesn't look perfect. [Jennifer Morris] I know, because you can't go out with your collar up. [Brett Fahlgren] Yeah, and you help me with my collar. Let me tie that a little tighter. The knot should be a little tight like that. Now the key here is that it's not supposed to look perfect. [Jennifer Morris] Right. Because then it would look like-- [Brett Fahgren] It would look like a--like a clip-on. Exactly. [Jennifer Morris] It has to have a little character. [Brett Fahlgren] It has to have a little character. Yes. Thank you, Brett. I'm Jennifer Morris for howdini, and now we all know how to tie a beautiful bow tie. [howdini -] [♫ chimes]

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Posted by: howdini on Oct 15, 2008

Knowing how to tie a bow tie is one of those skills a woman should know, so she can help her man when the need arises. GQ style correspondent Brett Fahlgren shows Howdini's Jennifer Morris how it's done.

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