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Educating Children. Sadhguru

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In the school you are required to teach certain subjects to the children and you must refrain yourself in a certain way you must limit yourself just to that never try to teach life to children this is a mistake that all teachers are doing when it comes to life children are so much closer to life than you are when you see children it's time to learn, not time to teach because they're so much closer too life they're so much closer to that which created them than you are so what can you do you have to teach them subjects, you're teaching them only survival skills Yes? Your education is all survival, isn't it so?...yes so you know a few tricks about survival which you want to impart to the child because he has to survive in the world that's okay that you have to teach But, these survival skills, he had his own ideas about them if you leave it to himself but you don't want to go by his own ideas because then he would do all kinds of things to survive If we did not give them schooling, they would be doing all kinds of things to survive, the kids isn't it? you know the street kids and all that they're not too many in this country, but you will see they are so ingenious we have worked with them they are like terribly ingenious so difficult to manage them but their ingenuity is such it's incredible They are so incredible but at the same time you want to manage them in some order It needs enormous skill Above all You need to develop a huge sense of love with them, otherwise there's no way you can work with them because they're so smart and they're willing to do just about anything They are not, you know Bundled together with your morality 0:02:53.430,0:02:59.469 so they just about, you know, it's free for all, all the time we've had some wonderful experience with them All the When we worked with them the teachers were always complaining, this is not fair you just come for half an hour, they are all over you and they are just wonderful with you but when we handle them they just take our lives I said, you be a street kid then everything will be okay When I am with them I am like a street kid so they are fine with me They are my pals They are okay you guys are trying to teach something to them, so they hate you So they are making your life difficult so what can you do in a public school? If you can just move around very blissfully, very lovingly, that's the best thing that you can do, because school is such a monstrous know trying to beat them into some shape some kind of shape or size that society approves. It's quite a monstrous place but it's a necessary evil. Everybody has to go through it so make it as joyful and as loving as possible, that's the best thing you could do. There's nothing else we can do right now

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 A school teacher asks Sadhguru his recommendations and approach to teaching children. (SaO61)

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