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Hard to do good

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[nature ambient sound] [cow mooing] [soft music playing] [man chopping wood] [man] Goodness I wonder who could it be That person knows me very well. [continuing chopping the wood] [closing the car door] [man 1] My son... You came here without making an appointment. I noticed your car coming over. I knew that is someone who knows me. [man 2] Yes it's me dad. - How are you? - I'm good. I'm happy to hear that. Your mom is in the kitchen, you can go and see her. - It's okay dad - But come and see me afterwards. There's a lot we need to talk about. - Okay dad let me go and greet mom. - Thank you son. [continuing chopping wood] [opening the door] - [woman] My son is that you? - How are you? - [woman] I'm good, After a long time. I heard a car idling outside, wondering who's visiting us early in the morning. [laughing] never thought it's you. - Yes mom. I wanted to surprise you, so that I can see you guys Alright my son. I want to have a conversation with dad. So I came here to fetch chairs, so we can chill under the tree. - No problem my son - Alright mom. [soft music playing] - Dad? - Yes boy. I brought the chairs for us, you'll find me under that tree Okay let me finish up, I'll find you there. Yes son, I'm so glad to see you. But it looks like there's something bothering you. No dad, nothing is bothering me I'm saying all these because you supposed to be with your wife all the time. I'm very disappointed to see you all alone here. [sighs] I'm sorry dad, I thought you'll be happy to see me. My son I'm happy to see you here. But the problem is you left your wife home. Yes dad that's true I thought of calling her, but I thought I should come to see you alone. My son, you know my daughter-in-law is supposed to be here That's the law of marriage. You must do things together. [wagging head] No, no dad... You should remember that we don't do things the old way. This is the new generation, we do things our way. You have to understand that, if there's a problem I'll let you know I didn't want to upset you. But tell me what would happen, if something happened to you? You didn't tell us that you're coming, your wife doesn't know where you are She doesn't even know that you are here. Hmm... look, look, look, I'm not mad I'm trying to show you a bright side. Yes dad that's true, I'll try next time to fix that problem. - [sighs] - I'll be very happy. Okay son hear you. - How is my daughter-in-law? - She's fine, don't worry about her. Hmm, hmm, hmm... [woman] I brought y'all guys drinks, you've been talking won't you finish talking? No we won't, there's a lot to talk about. Remember he hasn't been visiting us. He comes after 3 months. Justin my son, your wife is welcome. There's no problem, she can visit us. You telling him what I've told him already. He's hard headed, He doesn't want to listen I'm telling him about this. He's telling me about the new generation. Huh... He's doesn't want to listen [Justin] No, I know you are my parents you grew me up. But you need to remember that I'm a man now. Huh... I have to take my own decisions. I'm not child anymore. [irritated] Nonsense! Sit down. You have to listen to me and your mom okay? The problem is coming. And you have to keep on praying Jesus will protect you. Justin look here my son The decisions you take in life will lead you astray. - What you have to do... - [Justin sighs]. Is to trust me, your dad, and not forgetting God. [Makhubu] My son [instrumental music playing] May the lord of peace lead you, guide you and bless you. Please pass my regards to Noxolo. Alright It's okay dad. [Mantetsa] My son have a safe trip But before you go, I want to give you an important gift. Of which is the word of God You mustn't forget the word of God Read this book day and night. May the lord of grace bless you. Till we meet again son. Alright, thank you my parents [Justin sigh] May God bless y'all too guys. For you to see your grandchildren - [Mantetsa] Thank you son. - [Makhubu] Thank you, Thank you son. Have a safe trip boy. Go well my son, pass my regards to Noxolo. Alright it's okay guys. I'll see you. - Bye boy - [door closing] [instrumental music playing] [car door closing] [scoff] My son have a safe trip But before you go, I want to give you an important gift Of which is the word of God You mustn't forget the word of God Read this book day and night. May the lord of grace bless you. look here the problem is coming alright but keep on praying Jesus will protect you why my mom is giving me a bible? [car door opening] [scoff] My parents are astonishing me. Why my father is telling me that I must pray. [night ambient sound] [woman reading a magazine] [yawning] [music playing] [car door opening and closing] [sigh] Whew! My love, my parents asked me why I came alone So I told them that you also went to visit your parents Hmm... anyway how are your parents? - [woman] They are doing good. - Oh But then my mom didn't want me to leave. She wanted me to stay more days with her. She's surprising me, and forget that I'm a married woman Yeah, but do you think your mom loves me? [astounded] what kind of question is that? Never expect any love from my mom and brother Accept love from me only Actually if we love each everything is perfect. I'm tired, I think we should talk tomorrow my love. - Alright - Okay Goodnight my love. [kissing her forehead] [cork grows] [soft music playing] Wow! [sigh] I won't survive this Love! [panting] What's wrong sweetheart, you look so sad? There's no water - [Justin panting] - [Noxolo] How am I going to survive? Ah my love, I'm sorry. Yesterday I was fixing a leaking tap in the bathroom - I closed the stopper - Wow, wow! - [panting] - I thought so you know why? - Why? - Because I know my husband is forgetful. And I saw that you were busy in the bathroom. I just didn't ask. And you didn't tell me anyway. - Sorry my love. Sorry. - Love? - Please go and open the stopper. - Okay my baby. [soft music continuing] [door opening] Please check for water my love I was surprised How the municipality don't inform the community. Don't stress my love, you can use water the way you want to. Yes love. Okay my baby. [preparing supper] Love, the food is ready. [panting] [Justin - sigh] - Let me bring something to drink. - Okay, my love. [sigh] Yo! If it wasn't this water confusion, I should already finished by now. [panting] As I said, I did forget. - Thanks. - Alright. I was watching you. [both laughing] I know you very well. - Yeah, everything is well. - Yeah. Mhm.... you cooked my favorite food, you know. That's I love you so much. - My love, I always want to make you happy. - Yeah. That's why we eat in one dish with you. Mhm... I don't have any problem with that. It just sometimes I don't get satisfied. But don't tress yourself about that, because I'm getting satisfaction in the bedroom. [both laughing] [Noxolo] Naughty - [panting] Actual I was thinking. - Mhm.... I was thing that we should pray & ask God to give us a baby. Because I need a baby, my love. [sigh] your topic is boring. Every time you are talking about a baby. There's a lot to do in this house. I need a brand new Range Rover. And we need to paint the house. Then after we can talk about the baby. - So, love you don't want me to talk about the baby anymore. - No, Love, I'm not stopping you. Just do what you have promised me. Then after you can talk about the baby. - [sigh] - [Noxolo] I'm full. [scoff] [wagging head] [soft music playing] No, thanks my love. [chuckles] Okay. I'm full and I don't feel like eating. I'm so tired and I think I must go to bed. [astonished] Just like that? [sigh] I remember before we got married. He promised me the heaven & the earth. But.... It looks like, he forgot & I don't understand. He forgot all his promises. [sigh] I think I must remind him. [panting] [soft music continue playing] [wagging head] [sigh] clicks tongue Love, love. - [panting] - Let's talk. [panting] what's wrong? - Let's talk, we cannot sleep before we fix this. - No, no but Noxolo. What is that can't wait until in the morning? Justin I think you have forgot your promises. [sigh] What promises, what promises? - Before we got married, you promised to buy a house for me. - Mhm.... And Range Rover. And you said you will fulfill, your promises before we have our first born. -[exhales deeply] Noxolo I don't understand you, no, no. No man will, stay 2 years in the marriage, with a woman who doesn't conceive a child. - My love, please fulfill your promises. That it will happen. I would like to congratulate, you for buying a house for me. - Please my darling. - Okay, you have a house now. Even the car, I will buy it for you. Remember, I can't do all things at same time. - You need to give me time. - I do understand your concern. - [panting] - I'm sorry [whispering] Sorry babe... -[exhales] I'm sorry love. [kissing] - It's okay. - Oh! [panting] my love. - Yes love. - My colleague - No, no babe, this tie with black shoes? Yo! where is the tie I bought for you in our anniversary? Much better. Imagine, walking on the street people would say my husband is wearing unmatching colors. [both laughing] - Could you please tight it up? - Okay, let me do it like this. - So, what did you say? - Oh! look here 'Palesa' is driving Range Rover. - So, we'll go to the care dealers and checkout which one will suite you. - Yes, thank you baby, thanks - So, today at lunch time I will go with her to check your car. - Thank you, please choose the black color - Alright. - You know that the black color is bold. - With tight dress and black heels. Ah, I'm telling you, thanks my love. - [both laughing] - Anything for you my love, uh... - Thank you my love - I think, I'm late, uh, my lunch box is ready? okay.... - Yeah, It's next to microwave. - Let me go and I'll see you later, bye-bye. - Alright, thanks baby thanks. - Don't you want to take day off? - Uh…. not today. [chuckles]Tempting [both laughing] - Bye love. - Bye-bye [car door opening & boot opening] [car boot closing] [car engine start] [music playing] - Good morning. - Thank you - Justin [panting] Morning Palesa. - [Palesa] Morning Justin, how are you? - [exhales deeply] Yeah, I'm fine. - I don't believe you, because you passed without greeting me.

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Hard to do good

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