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Google Smb Seville Pest 3D IV BITC

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Well, 3D Pest Control is a company that provides environmental health services and pest control, we work at a national level in Spain for individual customers and companies. And we have a professional staff, environmental health professionals who are dedicated to seek solutions for environmental health and pest problems that can affect individuals and companies from all sectors. Well, 3D Pest control is a company that provides environmental health services and pest control, that is located in Seville since 2002, and we work at a national level with everything related to environmental health, pest control. We have a professional staff, at both technical and commercial level, who advise and help our customers to find the best solution to their problems of solution and prevention of pest control and all the environmetal health sector. Well, I learned about what Google was and what Google AdWords were, some years ago. We started doing our own AdWords campaigns and we realised that we were dedicated to the world of environmental health and pest control; we knew how to do it and we knew how to do it well, but we didn't have time to take part in the campaigns, analysing keywords, keywords, and well... We even made our campaigns and we did reasonably well, but at the end, when we made contact with— in this case with Páginas Amarillas, which is our provider of these services, the campaigns they made, how they did them, how they developed them, they made us save a lot of time, we could dedicate ourselves to our business, which is what we really know and the results, the results have been better, much more satisfactory. The number of customers has increased, we have improved the cost per click profitability; they have done it in a better way than we used to. Well, for me, there has been a before and an after. At first, we did other kind of advertising, we had limited resources that we had to invest the best way we could, and despite my initial doubts, Páginas Amarillas convinced me to do the AdWords campaigns. And we really noticed a very important increase in the number of visits and customers' calls to the office. In the company, we are in the habit, from the beginning, since we answer calls, in the office, we ask a key question, which is, we ask the customer: how did you learn about us? From the beginning, this let us analyse and know which return on investment in advertising we have. And when we really started with the AdWords campaigns, we noticed an important increase in the numberof phone calls from prospective customers to the office, who called in order to ask for information. And well, until — I don't remember exactly, but we doubled or more the number of prospective customers' calls to the office. And when we asked them the key question: how did you learn about us? Through Google. Really, — in those times, some years ago, when we started, out of ten phone calls that we analyzed, in seven or eight cases the answer was: We learned about you through Google. Really, as I said, there was a before and an after since—well, that would be in 2010, 2011, we have kept on increasing the investment in AdWords every year because we really see the return, we see the profit. In these last years, the past two years, we have had 5,000 visits to our web site, 170,000 views and it really gives us an important added value, that is to say, we are, as it is said today, visible. At the end, for us, to be visible is to have customers, to sell and to grow. And that's what Google is giving us, and Páginas Amarillas, who manages the campaign. Well, the truth is, that up to now, I have done very well, even better than I expected some time ago. I want to keep on investing, adapting myself, I don't want to be left behind, I want to keep on improving our web site, we are working now with blogs, social networks, we're—well, I have understood that this is the future, that we have to follow that way. And we, nowadays in the company, we have in the commercial department three employees, and I am the director of this, and I help and devote time to commercial management when I can, and nowadays, I can say that the best commercial employee I have in the company, with a great difference, is Google.

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Google Smb Seville Pest 3D IV BITC

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