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【U-FES 2015 】木下ゆうかがなぜか歌った理由&U-FESとミーグリの写真

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ok up next we have the one who can eat a lot... the one who can eat a lot!!!! The one the only Kinoshita Yuka!!!! This is killing my hand... oh wow (a sign?) it says Kinoshita Yuka there. >Thank you!! I saw it on twitter as well. I am so happy thank you very much I doubt anyone would have thought Yuka would be here in the final live here. >> me too, I had no clue ok ok, Miss Kinoshita I heard that you will be doing something with our audience here tonight. Yes that is correct I will be singing a song called 'Arigatou' (thank you) and I will be singing "everyone, everyone. Thank youuuuu YAY" and when I say everyone you all respond 'everyone' hand up if you guys know this song. >> not many people it looks like.. but its ok even if you don't know the song its written all over here so its ok. its written all over so just follow along please. perhaps we should do a practice run? ok lets begin. "everyone"... "everyone" Thank you.... Yay! so it kind of goes like that. ok should we do it one more time? >> ok everyone sing along as well ok lets try it again. >>Everyone!! Everyone Thank youuuuu YAY ok Yukachan was that good like that? >>Yes it was perfect guys.... You guys are GREAT!! ok shall we sing along beside here as well? ok lets go >>I love singing but I really suck at it but I came out here to thank you all who came out today. ok so everyone help out Yuka as well and sing along thank you, thank you let's be thankful Thanks for being Cheerful Thank you for all the presents Thank you for having fun with us Thank you for caring Thanks for coming along Strong people, Weak people Men and Women flashy people, plain people everyone, everyone Thank you YAY Thank you let's be thankful are you nervous? >>I'm so nervous!! >>she say's she's nervous you guys need to pick it up!! lets all give it our all!!! thanks for bringing me along from time to time ?thanks for being here? ?thanks for flying over? Thanks for being with me thanks for laughing along with me people who are near, people who are far people who are kind, people who are cold people we like people we hate everyone, everyone thank youuuuuu yay!!! thank you Be thankful Let's be thankful what a great collaboration >> it was perfect! there was a lyric that said "thank you for being in touch" youtube also means being in touch with you as well. and so everyone... thank you for being with me thank you for such great words. >> OH YOU SHUT UP LOL!! can I do one more with everyone? "I love Ufest" >> is it ok with all of you guys? shall we begin? >> ok "I love... Ufes" Thank you very much!!! she almost tripped there >>yes just at the end lol omg she had such great words to say at the end. >>yes youtube is you and tube. and well I have nothing good to say at all lol

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Posted by: aphexx on Nov 26, 2015

【U-FES 2015 】木下ゆうかがなぜか歌った理由&U-FESとミーグリの写真

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