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Ignacio Martínez Mendizabal - Los humanos somos los únicos capaces de vivir en el futuro

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People are the only animals Ignacio Martínez Mendizabal Renowned anthropologist that live in the future. We usually live in the future. Since we wake up in the morning, we are already thinking about what we are going to do but not in a while; where we will spend the holidays in a few months, what job we want to have in a few years, if we are young, what we want to study. We continually imagine possible futures like a pointed stone is a possible future for a round stone. And we not only imagine it, we are not only capable of traveling to that possible future to see what we want. We are able to grab that future and make it happen. This is the wonderful thing. Not just imagine it. The ability that our dreams come true. And for that we have to imagine what things have to be done and in what order for those things to happen. And that is nothing other than what we now call strategy or what we call planning that seems so obvious to us but it is a unique ability of humans, it is an extraordinary cause and we often forget about it. I do not know about you but I, there are not few days that I arrive at the college, to my team and they ask: What are we going to do today, Nacho? And I say: Well, we will see as we go. There is no planning those days. Those days are terrible because when a team that works like this, we will see as we go, faces a team that knows where it wants to go and has an idea of how to get a strategy or a planning, do not bet your money on the first one. But let's see what happens. And this, as we sometimes forget, well, it is written in the great strategy books. I do not know if you know the Sun Tzu. Surely you do. It is the great Eastern strategy book. A book full of Taoist wisdom written with aphorisms. And one of them tells us the following: A victorious army wins first and then go to war. A defeated army goes to war first and then seek to win. The victorious army is the one that, before the war arrives, it has already imagined it, it already knows where it wants to go. It knows what it has to do to make it happen like this. That's why it has won the war first and then it fights for that to just happen. A defeated army is the one that has no idea, has no purpose, does not have a goal, does not have a planning, does not have a strategy. That is why it fights, it goes to see what happens and that is why it is usually defeated.

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Ignacio Martínez Mendizabal - Los humanos somos los únicos capaces de vivir en el futuro

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