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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~22:26:22 - 22:41:22

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♪To me, what was more. To me, that's what was left♫ ♪From a past that arises♪ ♪Which is not reduced but adds up, coming along in this trip♪ ♪And does not leave me in this tour through a world of memories♪ ♪Of memories! Write this story with me♪ ♪More than memories of my whole life♪ ♪I was there once♪ ♪It seems like yesterday, and it was good to remember that I'm here today, and♪ ♪What'll happen tomorrow? In '97, when I was a schoolchild♪ ♪I played ball at school, cheated on tests, only thought of RAP♪ ♪I cared for nothing, always enjoying dawn with♪ ♪my pals, I know nothing is gonna happen♪ ♪But time flies and friends move, some♪ ♪Work so much that I don't see them anymore, but the memory♪ ♪Is the same, I miss them The past is very rich♪ ♪Lessons for my whole life♪ ♪From beginning to end the story will always go on, it won't always end as we wished♪ ♪But everything alive will always contain,♪ ♪It won't be fixed until it dies, aê, whatever happens♪ ♪I'm with you. Even if you have gone different ways, we're 5 friends♪ ♪Who've managed to make noise♪ ♪Have played other roles, remembering the old roles that now♪ ♪Strengthen the family for ever. And it doesn't stop here♪ ♪Our star shines on our trip up there and♪ ♪It doesn't go out! I remember when I just wanted♪ ♪To grow up. It seems like yesterday. Oh oh oh oh oh♪ ♪I was just a kid, a kid♪ ♪It seems like yesterday.♪ ♪It takes us our whole lives to learn♪ ♪It seems like yesterday. Oh oh oh oh oh♪ ♪It seems like yesterday. Oh oh oh oh oh♪ ♪It seems like yesterday. Oh oh oh oh oh♪ ♪It seems like yesterday. Oh oh oh oh oh♪ ♪But I've already suffered a lot in this life. Oooo♪ ♪It seems like yesterday. Oh oh oh oh oh♪ ♪I was just a kid, a kid, a kid♪ ♪It seems like yesterday. Oh oh oh oh oh♪ ♪It seems like yesterday. Oh oh oh oh oh♪ ♪It seems like yesterday. Oh oh oh oh oh♪ ♪I was just a kid, I only thought of dancing, ♪ ♪African hairstyles and All Star sneakers♪ ♪Yo, yo, yo♪ ♪And who I am, I'm going along, I'm living my life♪ ♪Sound. Hey! It caught on, killed it, did it♪ ♪It's recorded the past, the present and the future. In the dark♪ ♪Canonized to the bottom of it all. Of the world♪ ♪I saw the flash, and the rhyme healed the wound and saved my life♪ ♪On leaving the day. Earthly♪ ♪Stars only♪ ♪The sequence to the Ghandi lyrics. Samba funk♪ ♪Blood runs from the slums♪ ♪And the sound. The sound that moved us. The sound I made♪ ♪I'll live my life♪ ♪The way I am. Aaaaammmmmm♪ ♪Live my life the way I am. DJ♪ ♪DJ♪ ♪I'm living my life the way I am♪ ♪Living my life the way I am♪ ♪Ooohh! DJ, DJ♪ ♪And I rhyme the sounds. Saying what I am♪ ♪Rael da Rima has made a verse. The brothers liked it. It's a show!♪ ♪I am what is. What is♪ ♪Change what you can. Accept what you can't change♪ ♪Change. What is it, what is there! If God, who is God♪ ♪DId not please everybody, who am I to do so? But if you're worth what you have♪ ♪What you wear. I am I. The monkey is 17♪ ♪Motherfucker. Who said that if I don't have a car I don't have money♪ ♪I have nothing. Thank god I've got my life. I don't have a daughter but I have a goddaughter♪ ♪I tell you that winning is not all, losing is not all♪ ♪'Cause god gave everybody life, so that everybody♪ ♪Can look after himself and I look after myself and go on rhyming in the flow♪ ♪I aaaaammmmmmmmm!♪ —After this song, the last one. And then it's over. ♪'Cause I will make my thirst for sound♪ ♪I aaaaammmmmmmmm!♪ ♪Make my thirst for sound. DJ.♪ ♪ DJ♪ ♪I will, make my own, sound♪ ♪I aaaaammmmmmmmm!♪ ♪I aaaaammmmmmmmm!♪ – "Na Moral" is next, right? – Yes. – It's gonna be "Na Moral" and that's it. I've talked to him. – "Na Moral" is next and then... ♪If you're coming back, why did you send me?♪ ♪If you aren't gonna like it, why did you send me?♪ ♪If you wish to♪ ♪Press play. Check who's coming.♪ ♪Yo, yo, yo, yo.♪ ♪I am, I am, I am. And you♪ ♪Looking for a spot. I've left the swamp♪ ♪I'm the promise. Near heaven.♪ ♪I aaaammmm. I am.♪ ♪Making my thirst for sound. Sound♪ ♪I aaammmm!♪ ♪Making my thirst for sound. DJ. DJ.♪ ♪I am. Making my thirst for sound. ♪ ♪Sound. Sooooooouuuul♪ ♪DJ. DJ.♪ ♪Soooouuuuuuul♪ ♪Oooooo. oooo.♪ ♪Ohhh, ah ah ah. I'm a chav, I am.♪ ♪And here I come, Joe. Catch the 12. If the cops come, run away♪ ♪I want a joint, for my relief. Once again♪ ♪Call me once again and I'll go to the end. Hey!♪ ♪I'm a chav, I am. And here I come, Joe. You have to catch the 12♪ ♪If the cops come, run away. I want a joint for my relief♪ ♪Call me once again and I'll go to the end. Zica. Aaaahhhhh♪ Say what, teaammmm! —(Viva Santos!) It's na moral. — Everybody has to be "na moral", right? ♪Let's go. Pentágono peace and truce♪ ♪What I can do on this earth is sing for war to end♪ ♪And I will, the song frees the blind♪ ♪In this great wide fallible world, good guys only get screwed, by stone throwing thieves♪ ♪Leave silently. And I, who have always been, not knowing how we evolve♪ ♪Because in my mind there has always been an evil part♪ ♪But hip hop has freed us♪ ♪It has eased, tranquilized, got to the voice♪ ♪So, man, I know it was like this, it was for me too♪ ♪But I can say that we are one from the beginning to the end♪ ♪I know. I know it wasn't for nothing, that it knocked on my door, calling me to♪ ♪The mission with NASA. And it's at home and it's time to change♪ ♪This shit, when rap invades your home keep your cool and don't run away♪ ♪But careful man, with the people who involve you in rap♪ ♪Yeah, Masso, Rael, cool. Man.♪There are many fools in the black movement ♪ ♪And you're at home and it's time to change this shit, when rap♪ ♪And you're at home and it1s time to change this shit♪ ♪When rap invades your home♪ ♪Keep cool and don't runa way. But careful, man♪ —Rael. ♪With those who involve you in rap. Yeah, Massao, there are many fools♪ ♪In the black movement. I know what this is for♪ ♪But I won't stop doing my job♪ ♪It's difficult but I'd rather run the risk. And to get here♪ ♪I didn't come alone, no matter the style♪ ♪We're on the same road. I know it will♪ ♪I know it will. I know it will. I know it will change me♪ ♪Even with all the wars in this vast earth, even if♪ ♪People make mistakes, I know♪ ♪It wasn't for no reason that hip-hop came to my place♪ ♪And told me it'll get to your place, to leave♪ ♪Everybody "na moral". And everybody at peace♪ ♪"Na moral". No matter the style! "Na moral"♪ ♪You just have to stop and think. Ohhhh!♪ ♪Oooohhh! It wasn't for no reason that hip-hop came to my place. Aham, oohhh, oohhh♪ ♪And told me it'll get to your place. Oohhhh, yeah Oh oh oh oh♪ ♪To leave everybody "na moral". And no sadness♪ ♪And no hurt. "Na moral". Nobody with a sad face!♪ ♪"Na moral". You just have to try and see it. And what?♪ ♪And what you see♪ ♪Is that it develops slowly, but our aim is right♪ ♪Those who are not freed. Stay in the dumps♪ ♪And it's desperation that squeezes. Who squeezes. But only hip-hop fulfils me♪ ♪And it's right. Because the idea is concrete♪ ♪And frees you without becoming complex♪ ♪It'll arrive, but I'm in a hurry♪ ♪That's why I'm sticking to the bros, because I'm♪ ♪'Cause I'm deeply involved. Hip-hop called me and I know I'm not here for nothing♪ ♪See further, beyond what suits you♪ ♪In front of whom it doesn't pay to be someone♪ ♪Remember: the history of rap is defended by♪ ♪Those who follow its path♪ ♪The time is now, wanna know what I'm worth?♪ ♪Where do I sign? Which of us will fail?♪ ♪I wanna see how far your love goes, or whatever it is ♪ ♪Keep it as you've shown. Whatever you are, stand upright, have faith, djow♪ ♪Stand upright, whatever it might be for♪ ♪You deserve the movement that warned us♪ ♪There are many cool brothers, and some who aren't cool♪ ♪But I'm serious, serious, doing my own thing and all♪ ♪I've had enough of fools. Those who talk too much get sick. Not I♪ ♪I'm firm and ready, defeating many in their game♪ ♪Just enjoying myself, not worrying too much♪ ♪In my sandals, playing a sound from my heart, that♪ ♪Microphonically speaking, represents the poison, and you'll see what I see♪ ♪And together we'll see: what will change in us♪ ♪When rhyme and awareness are not alone any more♪ ♪And become a single voice♪ ♪Of resistance and entertaiment for you♪ ♪While hip-hop fascinates me, while♪ ♪My rhyme is priceless, it won't be mine, it won't be mine♪ ♪It won't be yours, it will be nobody's, it will belong to the music♪ ♪Full of: tones and intonations. I said♪ ♪Full of: verses and chorus♪ ♪When hip-hop arrived. It told me♪ ♪To tell you to find the strength within you♪ ♪Ah Uiguiri Uiguiri Uiguiri Uiguiri Uiguiri♪ ♪Uiguiri Uiguiri Uiguiri… Oh oh oh oh oh o♪ ♪To change the environment, for peace♪ ♪Not to be too absent♪ ♪Because I'm tired, I'm tired, very tired♪ ♪But you don't have to live. You just have to see♪ ♪And you feel the things and the feelings that go round♪ ♪Which the crazy guys enjoy. So don't consider the act♪ ♪In hip hop, there are four elements, so don't stop♪ ♪No matter the clothes I wear and you wear, no matter♪ ♪The rhyme I make and the rhyme you make. So, hands up♪ ♪And don't look mean, to make things better♪ ♪And get serious. I know it will, I know it will♪ ♪I know it'll change me, I know it'll change you, I know it'll free you, I know it will♪ ♪I know it will. Even with all the war in this vast land♪ ♪Even when the people go wrong, I know. It wasn't for nothing♪ ♪That hip-hop came to my place♪ ♪And told me it'll get yo your place, it will♪ ♪Just to leave everybody "na moral".♪And everybody will be cool!♪ ♪"Na moral". No matter the style!♪ ♪"Na moral". You just have to stop and think! It wasn't for nothing♪ ♪That hip-hop came to my place. Ooooo, ooo, oo, ahn, ahn♪ ♪And told me it'll get to your place, just to leave everybody♪ Ooooo, ooo, oo, ahn, ahn♪ ♪"Na moral". Nobody looking sad! ♪"Na moral"♪ ♪You just have to try and see!♪ ♪I know it will, I know it will, I know it'll change♪ ♪I know it'll change you.♪ ♪I know it'll free you, I know it will. Auoouoouooo!♪ — We're together. —Pentágono leaving. —Thank you for your attention, you've been great. —Viva Itapecirica da Serra! —Thank you. Thank you very much. —Thank you for the opportunity, great! —Thank you for your kindness! —Thank you. Pô Pô Pô Pô! —Thank you for your presence. —Come. Claudinho, come! —Max and Camargo. —God be with you! —Promoções e Eventos thanks you. —Where is my shirt? —The Pentágono group A revolutionary group. That success in Brazil. A worldwide success. —Great. Thank you! —Thank you. And we stop here. —Great, man! — Promising to come back. —Some day, God willing! —Great! —Great. We're together! —And God shall want it. —Aê, aê, Djei. —A robbery. —Hey, touching my buttocks. —I've just farted. —Great Dodi! —Our lives. —I've just farted. I've said it. —Hey, who farted? —Me! —You shat, didn't you? —'Cause farting is. —Thanks, hey? —The stall keepers who came here, and each one of you, who have turned this place, into your new meeting point in the city. till next time, God willing! —Great, Kikão! —And will He shall! Because he's faithful. —The drums are in my hand. The drums are in my hand. —Why? Why? (inaudible) —By this cherished community, with lots of love, with lots of respect. —Where's the box, man? —With gestures, with love. with love, with solidarity. And that's why —Hire some roadies now. —H2MOR, Organized Street Movement, —This show will have our own roadies. —It won't stop here, because it will go on, because it's proven that it's capable. And also this city's Social Solidarity Fund in the presence of the city's First Lady, a honourable working lady. —There's even a first lady here. —Where are the original cables? —A strong woman, who's working for this community. —Over there in the box. —It hope it ends soon. —There's a box here already. —Because Max and Camargo Promoções e eventos. —Get mine and yours there. —Stays here. —The Yellow. —But we'll come back, because we are capable and we don't (inaudible) —This is full. —Because we leave with our chins up. beause you made it and we if we left here with this chin up this way. You've made this festival a reason for wach one of us at Max and Camargo Promoções e Eventos to be proud. Bye everyone. Until next time, God willing. And He shall will! —I want some too.

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