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你好,Annie,可不可以自我介绍一下。 Hi Annie, can you introduce yourself? 好的。我的名字叫 Annie Hannigan。 Hi, of course. My name is Annie Hannigan. Hannigan因为我的先生来自爱尔兰, 所以我的Last name 是 Hannigan。 My last name is Hannigan because my hushand is from Ireland, so I took on his last name. Very cool, 请问你在Binghamton 多久了? Very cool, can I ask how long have you been in Binghamton? 大概9年到10年这样子。 Roughly around 9 to 10 years. 哇,那很长时间了。对对对。 Wow, that is a very long time. Yeah. 那你感觉Binghamton怎么样?喜不喜欢这里的环境? So how do you feel about Binghamton? Do you like the environment here? 我非常喜欢Binghamton。 I like being in Binghamton a lot. 这里的人,比较很nice, 然后人不算太多,有一种乡村的宁静 The people here are very nice. And there's not a lot people here, so it has the serenity of countryside. 但又不是完全的乡村,所以热闹中有平静。 But it's not completely rural, so it has serenity mixed liveliness. 这是我最喜欢的。 That's my favorite part of Binghamton. 对,生活需要balance。 对对对 Yeah, life needs balance. Yes. 那好,那我问你一些问题。 Okay, then let me ask you a few questions. 那请问,以你的意见来说,你觉得WeTea和别的奶茶店有什么不同? In your opinion, how do you think WeTea is different from the other bubble tea shops around here? 就我个人的那个观点来说,WeTea是Binghamton最好的 From my perspective, WeTea is the best bubble tea shop in Binghamton. 这是自我夸奖一下啊, 我们的那个价格是比较低的,当然也不算太低 That is me boasting a little bit. Our price is relatively low and affordable, but not too low. 我们的质量是最好的,而且我们的服务态度也挺好。 The quality of our product is one of the best, and other customer service is very friendly. 是是是,所有客人走进来都是特别受欢迎的。Okay,对 Yeah, all the customers feel very welcomed the moment they walk in. Yeah, that's what we strive for. 那我问你,除了工作以外,你有没有什么其他的兴趣爱好? Then let me ask you, outside of work, do you have other interests or hobbies? 现阶段,我没什么大的兴趣爱好。 In my current stage, I don't have any major interests or hobbies. 我想就是拼命工作,然后到了我退休的时候 What I am focusing on right is working hard, and enjoy more when I retire. 对,就有无限的时间。 Yeah, you would have much more time then.. 对,有时间了就跟我先生一起在国内,美国所有的州旅行一下。 Yeah, so when I have time I will go travel with my husband through all the states here in U.S. 这是我的一个长期的愿望 This has been a long-term dream of mine. 那我可以问你,你在美国都去过哪些地方吗? Then where in the U.S. have you been to? 现阶段,我只去过Washington DC 和 New York City 两个地方 Currently, I have only been to Washington DC and New York City. 那你感觉这两个地方怎么样?比较喜欢哪一个? What do you think about these two places? Which one do you like more? 相比较而言,我比较喜欢Washington DC,宁静,漂亮。 Comparatively speaking, I like Washington DC more, because it's peaceful and beautiful. New York City,太热闹了,人太多了,节奏太快了,有点跟不上。 New York City is way too vibrant, there are way too many people, and the pace of life is so fast that I have trouble keeping up at times. 在那种环境呆久了,心态都是非常焦虑的。 After staying in that environment for long, people become very anxious. 对对对,非常焦虑的。 Yeah, very anxious. 那我问你,你在WeTea这么久了,你有没有比较美好的回忆? Consider how long you've been at WeTea, do you have some fond memories? 我觉得每一天都是美好的回忆。 基本上是美好的回忆 I feel that everyday's a fond memory, and most of memories are very positive. 很少有那种伤心难过的时候 Rarely are there any sad or heartbreaking times. 我的那个customer百分之99.9的都是非常非常好的,对我非常好的。 I feel that 99.9% of my customers are very nice and treat me very nicely. 对,因为这边很多都是学生对吧? Yeah, because everyone around here are students right? 对,最重要的就是他们那个客人的层次和档次。一般是年轻人,然后是BU的学生。 Yeah, the most important thing is customer's manner and class. Most people here are young adults and BU students. 所以说他们都非常nice。 So they're always very nice 对,我们这个年代的人都是特别讲礼貌的。 Yeah, that true, people from our generation are very polite. 对,他们跟那个普通的市民还是有一点区别的。 Yeah, and they're a little different than the regular residents here. 当然我不是说他们不好,有的人比较mean一点 Of course I'm not saying that the residents are awful, just some of the people are a little meaner. 对,但是这孩子都是挺好的,学生都是挺好的 Yeah, the students and everyone here are very nice. 所以说百分之99.9是很好的 So I want to say that 99.9% of people I interact with are very courteous. 那好,那我可以问你你有没有最喜欢的客人或者有什么好笑或者有趣的故事吗? Sounds awesome. Can I ask if you have a favorite customer or any interesting story that you can share? 有有有,最有趣的故事是有一天晚上,大概是临近关门了 Of course. One of the most interesting story was this one night, it was near closing time 然后突然我有两个客人,也就是BU的学生,他们住在这附近 Then two customer showed up, they were both BU students and lived nearby. 然后他们过来了,然后我说,因为我知道他们是很喜欢bubble的 I knew both of them really liked bubbles when they walked in, 但是我没有bubble了,run out了, so我就告诉他们 “sir I run out of bubbles” But I had to tell them that we don;y have anymore bubbles for the day, so I told them "sir I run out of bubbles”. "What? What a shame..oh what a shame.." so 在那个时候,我的英文并不是太好。还没有理解到这个shame的意思。 So at that time, my English was still amateur, so I didn't fully understand what they meant by shame. 我觉得,我心里想“为什么我要feel shame呢?为什么我要feel shame呢?" So I thought to myself "Why should I feel shame? Why should I feel shame?” 然后我非常难受,心情非常糟糕。我还是非常礼貌的招呼了他们 So I feel very bad, my mood turned terrible. But I still helped them courteously. 然后我回去了,问我先生,我说今天晚上我两个客人说“What a shame” When I got home, I asked my husband, I said tonight two customers said "What a shame" 他说 哦这是另外一个意思,就是说 too bad, too bad。 He said "Oh, it means something else, which means too bad, too bad". So...就是不是针对你说的。 So it wasn't directed towards you. 对对对,就是不是说 I need to feel shame, it's just too bad we don't have bubbles. Yeah, it's not saying that I need to feel shame, but it's just too bad that we don't have bubbles. 就是表达他们的失落。 Yeah, as a way to express their disappointment. 对对对,所以说英语有很多很多的意思。你不是生在这里的人,你不太理解俚语的那个含义 Yeah, so in English, there are a lot of expression that means different things. If you're not born here, there are a lot of phrases that you can't understand at first encounter. 对对对。所以说你没必要feel shame, it's not about you. Yeah, so that's why you don't need to feel shame, because it's not about you. 这个就像我们中文有成语,很难理解的。 Yeah this is very relatable. Because in Chinese language there are idiom, which are very hard to understand. 对,很难理解的。 Yes they are very hard to understand. 下一个问题就是你在这边这个奶茶店,你肯定有自己喜欢和不喜欢的饮料吧 My next question is about your drink preference, with you working at WeTea, I'm sure you have drinks that you prefer. 那我问你 你喜欢珍珠奶茶有珍珠还是没有珍珠? Do you prefer milk tea with or without bubbles? 就是如果是从正常正规的角度来回答这个问题 Well, from a regular and standard perspective 我是当然喜欢希望有珍珠了, 但是如果从很funny的角度来回答 Of course I hope to have bubbles with milk tea. But from a funny perspective, It really depends on if I have tapioca or if I run out of tapioca.. If I ran out, then I say no, you don't have to have it. But if I have tapioca, yes of course. And I feel like there's much more people who likes bubbles. Yes, almost 90% of people like bubbles, if you don't have bubbles, they're just like oh my god how did this happen. They're very disappointed. And then they just go, they won't drink without bubbles, you know. I feel like 这个是大部分人群的喜欢程度。但是我发觉你的那个group还是比较好的。 I feel like the majority of the people really love bubbles. But I feel your group are more tolerant 如果我没有bubbles了,你也接受那个drink。你也接受 Even if I don't have bubbles, you guys would still accept the drink. 但是,有的客人真的是很执着。如果没有bubbles就宁愿不喝了。 However, some customers are very determined, they would rather not get the drink if there aren't bubbles. 因为很多他们都喜欢这个珍珠的口感。 Because they really like the texture of tapioca bubbles. 对对对 Yeah 最后一个问题就是你有没有什么励志的话给这边的学生 My last question for you is that do you have any inspirational words for students around here? 感觉他们对未来应该怎么看,或者什么励志的语录。 Like how they should think about the future, or any motivational quotes? 我觉得,快乐的享受这一生。人的这一生实在是真的太短暂了 I personally think that happiness is the most important. I think they should enjoy their life to the fullest, because human life is very short. 遇到什么事情都快乐一点。 Stay optimistic and happy no matter what kind of situation they encounter. 特别是在大学时期,过了大学就没有这种自由了。 Yeah, especially during colleges years, after college, it's rare to have as much freedom available. 大学时期是最美好的时期。 I agree, college time is one of the best time period in people's lives. 当我回想起我的大学时期,我觉得那是最美好的,最没有杂念的时期。 Remembering my college years, I think it was the most wonderful and the purest time. 那你感觉你的大学经历和这边学生的大学经历有什么不同吗? Then do you feel your college experience is different from the college experiences of students here? 我没在这边上大学,我在广东上的大学。 I did not go to college here, I attended college in Guangdong, China. 我觉得也不知道有什么区别,但我觉得我是心无杂念的,一心就是追求 玩 学习 快乐, 没有其他的想法。 I don't know if there are any major differences, but I focused on having fun, do well in school, and being happy during my colleges. The best part is that I didn't have to think a lot back then. 但是现在你投入社会以后,你要想 After joining society, you have to think about how to make money to live, you know. A lot to think about. When you open the door, you think about how can I make money, pay the bills, bills, bills. 就是尝到了很多的烦恼。 Yeah, so a lot of troubles and difficulties. 对 特别多。所以心情会比较焦虑一些。 Yeah, an abundance of troubles, so people always become more anxious. 那你感觉在这边奶茶店工作会让你的心情更平静吗? Then do you feel that working at the bubble tea shop makes you feel calmer and more at peace? 我觉得 我比较平静 Yeah I do feel peaceful working here. 那享受生活就最好了 Enjoying life no matter where you are is definitely the best. 对,因为对我们来说已经没有什么后顾之忧了 Yes, definitely. Because for us, we don't have to worry about finances as much as we used to 然后当我先生退休之后,我也会追随他退休,然后我们就一起享受快乐的余下的人生 Then when my husband retires, I will retire with him. Then we can just enjoy the rest of our lives happily. 这很好,不错。那谢谢你所有的回答。 Yeah that sounds amazing. Then thank you so much for all of your responses. 非常感谢你们这个group给我这个机会 让我上你们周刊,我觉得这对我来说是非常好的。 Thank you guys for giving me an opportunity to be featured in your podcast. I really appreciate this opportunity. 也是我们的荣幸 It's our pleasure as well. 谢谢♫ Thank you.

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