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AIM Index: Nathan Woodman & Trevor Blackford

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I'm Nathan Woodman, the Chief Operating Officer of Adnetik AIM Index at its heart is a web crawler that captures the words on page Like most crawlers but it also captures a wide range of structural details That help us filter inventory for both cognitive relevancy and page quality Both of which are valuable but surprisingly elusive characteristics to almost every display media campaign. Quality is a critical attribute to get right in the RTB space. Adnetik knows that more than 50% of the ads available are on pages with highly cluttered ad environments Meaning there are many ads on the page, the majority of which are never even seen by the user. If an advertiser is not using AIM Index they are likely serving ads within these environments Which end up hurting their advertising efforts more than helping them. Adnetik uses AIM Index in combination with predictive algorithms or AIM audience Index models. The combination of the two tactics insure that every ad served is to the right audience Creates a meaningful impact and is optimized for both performance and price. Hi I'm Trevor Blackford, I'm a Research and Development Scientist here at Adnetik Language is best understood in context. Even when you’re talking about the same events you’ll use dramatically different language If you’re audience is your friends, your family, your employees or your clients. Words take on different meanings in different contexts; different industries often appear to have different dialects. The same is true for different products, terms and distinctions irrelevant to some products, are critical for others. The custom corpora we design for our clients capture this insight. Instead of having a monolithic language model, we create dynamic, contextual models That are capable of recognizing the subtle, fine grained differences within industries An ideal tool for advertisers that know their market and want to reach specific audience segments. In order to effectively use AIM Index, advertisers must know their goals Either an audience they wish to reach or content they want to be seen with. Once identified we work with our clients to develop an appropriate seed that will be used to find web pages that meet those goals. A seed can be anything that contains language: web pages, marketing documents, keyword lists or news articles. The seed should concisely and comprehensively capture the goals of the campaign. It’s important that the seed be homogenous, that it only contains terms and ideas germane to the topic at hand. We score the seeds using our custom language models and return a list of URLs Available in our inventory with content similar to the seed. This list is then filtered by desired page attributes, such as number and position of ads, presence of video, number of images, etc. The resulting list contains sites that are both highly relevant to the target content And will deliver valuable impressions in clean, uncluttered environments.

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Posted by: adnetik on Mar 21, 2012

Nate Woodman (COO) and Trevor Blackford (Research & Development Scientist) explain Adnetik's AIM Index

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