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Tom Peters - Leaders are paid to listen

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Leaders are not paid to talk, leaders are paid to listen. The only way you move forward in this-- I emphasize this and I don't have a quarter or an eighth of the time that I'd like to have. What happens is leaders, as they advance, their ratio of talk to listen tends to go up and it outta go down. The Chief Executive Officer should have his mouth shut 99% of the time and have people coming into his office or go out to meet people, either by Zoom or in reality, if we ever do that again, and listen. My way of putting it is listening is core value number one. I'm going to read you a list. I'm going to read it to you at 1,000 miles an hour, for which I apologize. You'll find it in our handout. Again, I really know I'm putting pressure on our interpreters who are having to deal with my pathetic American high-speed English. Listening is the ultimate mark of respect, the heart and soul of engagement, the heart and soul of kindness, the heart and soul of thoughtfulness, the basis of true collaboration, the basis for partnership, the development of a skill, the bed rock of joint ventures that work, the engine of superior execution, and there's 20 more items like that on the list. And it happens to be true. The ultimate mark of respect, heart and soul of engagement, heart and soul of kindness, heart and soul of thoughtfulness, heart and soul of collaboration is listening. The only way as a parent or a second grade teacher with seven year olds, the only, only way to move forward effectively is to listen and demonstrate that you care.

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Posted by: wobi on Apr 7, 2021

Tom Peters - Leaders are paid to listen

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