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Deploying New Site Features

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Deploying New Site Features with Joe Shindelar In this tutorial we'll learn how to copy a view created in a local development site to our production site. By the end of this tutorial you'll be able to copy a view that you've created in a local development site over to your production site keeping all of the configuration changes in sync. Before you get started with this tutorial you want to make sure that you have a development site and a live site that you'll deploy the new view to, and that the Configuration Manager module is enabled on both. You'll also need a view that exists on the development site but not the live site that you want to deploy. See the written version of this tutorial for links to each of these prerequisite tutorials. Start by opening the local development site that contains the view that you wish to deploy. In my case I'm going to deploy this Vendors view. Then in the Manage Administrative menu, navigate to Configuration. Scroll down and under the Development section, click Configuration synchronization, then click on the Export tab then click on Single item. From here in the Configuration type list, choose View. Then in the Configuration name list choose the view that you would like to copy, Vendors. The configuration appears in the text area. Copy the configuration from the text area then open your production site. On the production site, in the Manage Administration menu, click on Configuration and scroll down, and under Development click Configuration synchronization then Import and Single item. From the Configuration type list, select View and then paste the configuration that you copied from your development site into the text area. Scroll down and click Import. Then click Confirm on the confirmation page. You'll see a message that says, The configuration was imported successfully. You can verify that the view is imported by navigating back to the main page of your site, and noting that the Vendors tab that was not there previously is now there. In this tutorial we learned how to move a single configuration item between sites in order to deploy new features.

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Deploying New Site Features

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