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iEARN 20 Years

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My name is Jihad Halawani and I am from Palestine. I'm Barry Kamer and I am from the United States. Roland Kok. I am from the Netherlands. I am Soukalo Dembele. I am iEARN Mali. I'm Vijaya from India. I'm from Egypt. iEARN-UK iEARN-Argentina. iEARN-Georgia. iEARN Senegal. iEARN Pakistan. iEARN Yemen. iEARN Japan desu! iEARN is a global network of teachers and youth who use the Internet to collaborate, enhance learning and make a difference in the world. In 1988, iEARN launched its first project, an exchange between students and teachers in Moscow and New York. After all of the politeness. It was all in Russian. After all of the polite phrases and everybody making nice. The Principal of a school leaned across and said to me, "why do you want war?" And I said to her and to the other women, "I don't want war, I have a son." And they all looked around the table and nodded. And I felt that this is what's this whole thing is about. It's about talking to each other and sharing what our concerns are. and realizing that we feel the same about a great many things. 30 Languages 125 Countries. 300 Projects. 26,000 Educators. 2 million youth. American Museum of Natural History, New York City, USA Welcome to our 15th Annual YouthCaN conference here in the American Museum of Natural History. What can we do to keep the water clean ? Organize and participate in a river clean up, get your school to adopt a river. Try not to litter and recycle and dispose or trash properly. Four rivers, One World is a project where there's four countries Bangladesh, India, Nepal and United States. We're researching the rivers so we can put together a movie maker or a photo story from one of the science classes at our school So in that science class they are actually going to be watching the videos that we made based on the research we learned here today. There are such a variety of projects available with iEARN with the international group that you're going to find something that fits your curriculum every time And then it enhances it so you don't have to develop a curriculum to go with this project You don't do that at all What you do is find a project that enhances your curriculum And in fact, makes it better. iEARN has a very good and robust Collaboration Centre. For the particular project, Four Rivers, One World, they have a forum and teachers can join that forum. Students can join that forum as well and they can share their ideas and opinions. They can share their views. They can share whatever small things they come to know... poetry, pictures, whatever they draw They feel very good when they see their own things on the forum I made friends with some people from around the world and we actually started our own project, which was called the daffodil project. Ok, let's all plant daffodils on the same day. around the world, Taiwan, Israel, Iran and we're all planting daffodils the same day. And then try to track when they come up and how climate might affect that. And so our students were doing all sorts of great math.. and doing all sorts of looking at the climate. And they were taking it back and forth with other schools. It's just amazing to see students from one year to another year change from my students last year doing their presentations til now you know, totally running a different program and seeing that they can get up in a room of 1000 people and talk, no problem It's an amazing and thrilling experience. And I know it will be with them whatever career they go into. I was thinking about what will happen in the future when we have these students we've had here in leading positions in the governments, in their own countries The world of tomorrow, I would say today it's no more just geographic boundaries we are coming very close. And to come very close and to communicate effectively, we really need to know each other. We really need to be tolerant of each other. We really need to be understanding each other's practices, respecting the differences, so, I see that iEARN is really going to play a pivotal role in making all this happen. Happy 20th Anniversary iEARN! Celebrating 20 years of using technology to learn with the world, not just about it..

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iEARN 20th anniversary

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