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Stanciova volunteers

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♪ ♫ Hello! Coming from New Zealand's paradise Leah found her own paradise in Stanciova Here the days are measured in sun rises, smiles, stories but also work. Together with Peter, from Holland, she is breaking corn sticks as mulch to protect the plant beds from her host's garden The 24 years old woman stopped by Stanciova in a world round trip that has as destination Thailand. I decided that i definitely needed a year or two off to decide what i really want to do I decided i did not want to be working in an office for the rest of my life So this was the perfect way to see other examples of places to live. And she has discovered how to enjoy every moment. One time we had to collect the willows to make the terraces there and we went with the horse and carriage which was a completely other way of traveling for me. We went over the hills and the sun was sitting and it was really beautiful. Then we came back when the stars were up and we just laid back in the carriage and looked at the beautiful scenery Stanciova experience was fully enjoyed by Peter as well. After studying web design, the 19 years old man dedided he wants something else. That is to own a farm some day. So he came to Romania to learn from experience what life in the countryside means. I like it more to fall asleep because i am tired of working on the land all day than sitting stressed behind a computer. Barefoot and without any sign of stress, the foreign volunteers did not say no even to weaving willow to make terraces on the slope. OK, and now in the opposite direction. With the latest volunteers it rather happens I say "Take a break right now!" instead of "there is this and that to do" The lady hosting the foreign volunteers in her Serbian traditional household she herself retired from a busy city life to a world beyond money with no clocks, indicators or working plans. I have a very strict rule regarding work: we do something as far as we enjoy doing it. Until now, Teodora's farm was visited by young people that have studied a lot and decided to travel in a sort of self-discovery journey. Among them a graduate in Political Science from Washington or a French activist. For all of them "shura" (the barn) has become the story place accompanied by the Stanciova hymn. ♪ Stanciova - the place i wanna be ♫ Where I am coming from there are all the Mercedes or BMW or cars driving along and we do not have any horses with carriages so I though "OK, this is kind of different now" . It feels like I'm in a holiday myself. They come with their stories, their energy, and with their smile... That's how every day in Stanciova is a journey, in which the young volunteers and their host work, learn, discover themselves and a different world from the world they know, in which relationships are more important than money.

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Country: Romania
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Posted by: stanciova on Aug 9, 2013

A TV documentary about wwoof and helpx volunteers in Stanciova, Romania.

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