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NIWeek 2019: Direct Dock Wafer Probe Solution

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Hi. My name is Joel Sumner from National Instruments. I'm here at NI Week 2019 to tell you about a collaboration between National Instruments, Tokyo Electron, FormFactor, and Reid-Ashman to reduce the risk of 5G millimeter wave production test applications.

New millimeter wave frequencies challenge the signal integrity of traditional wafer probe techniques. Conventional architectures require multiple electrical connections between the tester and the device under test, negatively impacting millimeter wave measurements. Direct dock probe technology minimizes the number of connections

between the tester and the device under test, providing the signal integrity necessary for these challenging applications.

I'm joined by Paul Schleicher from Tokyo Electron. Paul, tell me about this particular model of prober and how it addresses 5G production test requirements. Well, this particular prober model is our latest standalone 300 millimeter prober, called the Precio XL. Now, the Precio XL utilizes, for this 5G application, a direct docking solution, which shortens the signal length and gives a more high reliability of these signals that are in the test path. With more reliable signals using our direct dock solution, this will provide better production and a more reliable product coming off your product line.

We're also joined by Tim Cleary from FormFactor. Tim, tell us about the Pyramid probe card and the value it provides to millimeter wave customers.

Sure. Thanks, Joel. The Pyramid Card is the interface between the die under test and the tester. So its performance is critical to maintaining a low inductance millimeter wave environment throughout the entire test cell. In this case, it's intended to match the package performances precisely as possible so that we can do wafer tests.

Finally, we're joined by Chris McArthur from Reid-Ashman. Chris, tell me about this specific model of manipulator and other roles that Reid-Ashman plays in test cell integration.

This manipulator is the semi-automated 7-axis manipulator with compliance. The compliance is specifically configured for the weight and the characteristics of the NI test system. With the compliance and the motorized functions, the operators are able to dock and undock the machines safely and quickly. Beyond the manipulator division, we have a complementary division of electrical and mechanical interface. With those together, we're able to collaborate and give a customer a complete solution. Thanks.

A key component of the solution is NI's Semiconductor Test System, or STS. This multisite 5G millimeter wave production tester contains NI's new millimeter wave vector signal transceiver.

By reusing the same equipment in the R&D lab as a production floor, customers can reuse their measurement IP, speeding their correlation, reducing risk, and increasing their time to market. This collaboration allowed us to design a complete solution and characterize it. This solution allows our customers to focus on driving their products to market faster.

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