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Lara Aragon - Magaluf, Spain - Spanish (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~11:45:00-12:14:59

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They are coming late... Look, David Where? In his caravan Come on, let's go for a walk What does she have on her ear? -What does she have? -It's red Yes She is a little egg, as soon as you... As soon as you touch her... We can't take her much further She's not sun protected -Jezz! -And she's doing this Let's take her with your father To the tour... Tourist! To the tourist, hi tourist! What's wrong Fer? Nothing All children are hidden from the sun today It's normal The day we travel you know that everything feels eternal They have to go, leave the cars there... dismantle, bring the truck heads back... or the van... Oh, so sleepy, so sleepy Gosh! I do not want pacifier We can't take anywhere without the cover Why? But, where is the top? We are going to end up having grilled Janet Of course, the top is nowhere, but... -The poor thing goes like this -I don't even have the umbrella -It's too bright -I had an umbrella but I don't know where it is But I don't understand it I mean, I don't move the stuff around -Hi! -I think that yesterday... -Mrs Fu! -It wasn't here when I came at night, huh Hi Mrs Fu, beautiful! -How is my granddaughter? -Rewind the... -How is my beautiful granddaughter? -The tape Hi my baby girl Hi beautiful! Are you leaving tomorrow? -Oh! -No, not tomorrow When is she leaving? I think we'll wait until Saturday, huh Oh, okay Much better! So you are staying with me a few more days If we buy them a return... Oh! No. Just a one way ticket -The baby doesn't come back -Neither does Punchi Punchi comes back on the twenty-something Yes, but... But it's late -When is Punchy coming back? -What? What! At the end of the month When he finishes the gigs he has to do, he'll come back with us This weird cold is gonna kill me Today is even, -a warmer day than yesterday -Hello handsome Come here, come Look such a clean mouth Yo haven't given me a kiss, huh -Don't you give her a kiss? -Don't you give a kiss to aunt Lara? -Cheese face! -Ouch, ouch! -Come here -He is scratching you, right? No, he's hurting me with his elbow He's like his father with the elbows, man Kiss me Kiss me, ooooh -Another one, give her another -Have you finished your bottle? -Hes doing it again -Have you? -Look -Ceci, huh... -She's sick too -Chicken thighs Look, look, look. Turn around, Iker What is that? An allergic reaction to something, I'm giving him again... -Are you using cortisone too? -No How is it called... -Polaramine -Polaramine Look, now he has another one on his hand This is new -Look at his hand, see? -But, Has the doctor told you what is it? Oh... no. Just an allergy That could also be a bug's bite A bug or the... -The mosquitoes -All the children here have it, huh All of them I think it was something in the previous place, whatever they say Or that whole day we spent without electricity here Ohhhhh... -Or may be... -I don't know I repeat, where the hell have we hooked the water from ... from... The sanitary! Because the water park, for instance, the water system it has, is desalinated water from the ocean -It's possible -That might give you an allergy, you know? And the smaller children... I don't know I'm going to drink some water What are you thinking about? -Huh? -What are you thinking about? Nothing Punch! Punchi! Your brother falls sleep everywhere, look Deeply asleep How would say he could sleep over there? Yes, but... He can't keep falling sleep everywhere You are a mess, huh Such a sleepyhead We should have small gas bottles... Are we running our of chewing gum? What? No, there are none The problem is that we have no where nearby to get some Where can I throw this? -Not in the garbage, there's no bag -There's no bag Leave it here, that doesn't stain One we arrive to the next place, I'll put a bag What do you want? Are you hungry? Not, no hungry Have you got the munchies? -What? -Have you got the munchies? What's that? Noo! -I'm thirsty -Water I invite you to water -Thanks -You are welcome Uncle Angel doesn't pick up the phone and I don't like it very much Look, your father has made an invention He doesn't pick it up We need to find you a nice dress for the wedding Why that face? Huh? No... I think Janet will wear the ibizan dress, although Janet may not fit it in it either Dang dad, where were you? I was scared Nothing, just to know when are you coming back But... What happened? Okay, bye Next location is under construction they are having problems accessing with the trucks and everybody is anxious over there Well, I think that we'll have time to have lunch here Because if they have not yet access the field... When they come back, it will be two o'clock Where is your father? I don't know, I've seen him walking that way but... Which way? Gaby? No, Iso is here There are some problems to access the new location Really? Why? The site is under construction Shoot There are trucks, the police... So not everybody is traveling today -There are 70 kilometers, right? To… -Sixty Sixty Problems, problems... Okay If we don't know where is your father, I can't organize anything Jeni is... let's talk to Jeni Oh, here he is They are having some problems to access the new location Which problems? The site is under constructions. Do you remember that Puerto de Alcudia is... a construction site itself? They are having problems over there The police have shown up and everything Angel hasn't left yet So we are traveling late Yes Hello! What? What are we doing with you? I might start cooking lunch and we eat here Or... Or do you want to go to our friend's restaurant? It's far away to go by feet What do you mean far away? How are we gonna go there? -By cab -Yes, but I... I can't Yes, you can darling -Yes, you can -I can, but I don't I can, but I don't I'll talk to him, what's the problem? -With who? -Doesn't he book tables? I'll talk to him, and he'll book a table for us No. Is not because of that... Because... We have to move so many people Helloooo I can see youuu I can see you Chucu, chucu, chucu, chucu... Chucu, chucu, chucu, chucu... I can see you there hidden What? What? What? All that? What? Abubun... Chucu, chucu, chucu, chucu... Chucu, chucu, chucu, chucu... You are making a mess... You are making a mess... You are making a mess, you are making a mess. She has eaten very bad today, huh Yes, it's too hot When it's so hot... she doesn't eat much... Do you have a baby bottle with you? -¿Huh? -¿With some water? A baby bottle Hold on To drink some water To drink some water Of course... Oh, how silly... What? What happened? What happened? What happened? Whaat? What? I'll grab one from my caravan then We have had to throw away a bottle that was damaged today Ohh... okay Look for... sweetie... -If we have in the bag...¿Are there any there? -No. I have, I have, I have... Well, don't torment yourself I'll talk to... that guy and we'll have lunch over there You cannot unpack the caravan now... -No, but I can cook -Any moment they'll call and say that we are traveling Whaaaat? Here Very good, suck on your finger for a while What's up baby? One more time... Water... Water... Water... What? What happened? Have the water soaked you? More? You know what you are doing, right? Messing up, you filthy pig Let's see, little girl Fernando! What? What are you doing? Nothing What? Nothing, why? Just to know it. Good morning! Do you need anything? Your love Who? Nothing, if you want to come down for a while... Okay Tiny girl... Whaat? Sit down Look, Lolo and Fran are awake too Hold the bottle What? Oh my gosh What a scene Nooo Here you go I made it What? What is it princess? Well, fantastic Okay... let's do someting Jeez, Lara Don't cry Don't cry Don't cry What...? Don't cry Don't cry This way is less sunny Wow! Look, Kristel is talking to you and you are ignoring her OK OK, look What do you want? Here Nothing is good What? Okay, okay Enough Ohh, the pacifier has felt She threw the pacifier Why are you so tiny? What happened my love? Shhh.... Okay, huh Ohhh Look, see? You need to see everything... You are getting soaked, look Ooohhh! Judith? Yuyi? Judiith? Judiith? Yuyi! Hi mom! Hi mom! Tell her: "It's too hot, Kristel! Ups! -It's hot Kristel. -So hooooot... They are suffocated. Claudia as well Ikes has the allergy again He has some... lumps... Really? -Doctor said it could be the water -She doesn't have... she doesn't have the... -the spots, ¿right? -No, she's better now Oh, I want to stand on my feet already But she is heated I'm leaving tomorrow... I'm leaving tomorrow... I might hold her until Saturday -And they leave on Saturday morning -¿Really? Why have you not taken her dress off? Or is it too much No, it's too hot Wait, wait mommy There you guy Now, I'm much better s*** -I'm more fresh -Oh! -I'm fresher; I'm more fresh -Oh! -Like this.Yessssss... -She's cracking up Yesssss I'm fresh. Tiki, tiki, tiki -OK, OK, OK. No, no, no, no... -OK, OK, OK... ¡amazing her hair! There you go, here, here -I think she's tired, but because it's too hot she can't sleep -She's tired -Where do you wanna go? She's pushing me with her legs -Yes, yes Amazing, huh She pushes you with both feet... Look, Melany is in action Oh, yesterday Melany... at the party, she was falling sleep She was with us, and suddenly she's gone Where is Melany? And Melany? And Melany? And Cristina says: "Hold on" She opens the door, and Melany was on her cradle. She got herself inside, dress up and everything And a moment later we heard her screaming: "Aaaaaaaa...." Cristina goes and she says: "What's wrong?" And her: "I don't wanna be here anymore" "But if you got inside by yourself..." Anyway, she comes outside again, and sits down with Cristina. She starts eating a piece of cake and goes: "Mom, I'm going to my cradle, huh, that I'm much better" And she left again

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Duration: 30 minutes
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Mara Pérez
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Posted by: globallives on Oct 29, 2013

Lara goes on a walk with her brother's granddaughter, Janet, but shortly returns to her caravan due to the heat. Angel calls to tell her that they are having problems accessing caravans at Puerto de Alcudia. Everyone in the plaza discusses this.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Lara Aragon.

This video was produced by Mara Pérez, Chino Saavedra, Pablo Barrientos, Paromita Dhar, and Carlos Rodriguez.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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